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Ann Richards Play is about a very powerful woman in American politics. She is called the daughter of Texas, where she was born raised and eventually became the first female Governor. The play is called Ann – An affectionate portrait of Ann Richards. It is said to be a true portrait of the lady. The play has explored various facets of her life and her political career is not the sole theme of the play. Ann Richards Play has captured the attention of all sorts of people. Those who knew Ann Richards personally thinks that watching the play is like being with Ann. It has humor, emotions, drama, and politics all in just the right proportion. The protagonist is played by the famous Holland Taylor, who spent three years to learn each and every detail of Ann Richards’s life. She studied her papers, watched her videos and met her colleagues, friends as well as family to get to know Ann as much as she could.

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About Ann An Affectionate Portrait Of Ann Richards

Ann Richards Play is a two act play. It opens with Ann giving an opening speech at a fictional college. She tells about her early life in it. Holland Taylor has adapted Ann’s accent to perfection in the play. She has spoken in the same long drawn Texan syllables throughout the play. She was raised by the parents who had different personalities and attitude towards their child. She was brought up by a loving and affectionate father who built confidence in her and a very demanding mother who made Ann strong and developed her fighting spirit. Ann’s life changed when her father joined the navy and they moved to California. There she attended the desegregated school and learnt about the inequalities in the world. She also learnt that life is not always fair for everybody. The play also lets us peep in her life’s two main struggles. One was overcoming alcoholism and the other was her bitter divorce. The tempo of the play rose when she started her long race for governorship. Her role as a governor of Texas is portrayed beautifully.  She is too busy running the office with phone calls coming from Bill Clinton, signing off papers quickly, getting ready for a campaign nonstop and also planning family trip. At the end of the play Ann Richards is shown reading a poem which earlier she has asked her press secretary to find as she might need to read it at someone’s funeral. But tragically it is read at her own funeral.
Ann Richards Play is the sole creation of Holland Taylor. She only met her once but that one meeting left an incredible mark in Taylor’s mind. She was highly inspired and impressed by the Governor of Texas. When Taylor learnt about Ann’s death, she decided to do something in her memory. She decided to create the biographical play about her and let the world see the true self of a woman who is thought as hard as a steel ball by many. Holland Taylor is an Emmy Award winning actress. She has mostly performed the character of strong willed women. She has performed in the movie “Legally Blonde”, her television roles include plays like “The Practice”, “Two and a half men” and “Bosom Buddies”. Her theatrical ventures include Butley, The Devils, Moose Murders only to name a few. 
Ann Richards Play debuted at Paramount Theatre in Austin in early May, 2011 and has toured in different theatres all over America. People from all across the United States are flocking the theatres to see the play. Audiences have described it as a wonderful play with all the details about the protagonist lady. Holland Taylor looks and sounds just as Ann Richards and it seems like she has come alive.  The play is in a light tone and also shows us the humorous and human side of her life.
Ann Richards Play is a must-see for all the fans of Ann Richards and Holland Taylor. Buy Ann Richards Play Tickets now to see this incredible play.  

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