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If you are a lover of dance then we are here to introduce you with something that will serve well to fulfill your appetites for dancing. And that is Dana Gingras’s Animals of Distinction. Dana Gingras is a brilliant choreographer and even a better dancer and Animals of Distinction is her multimedia dance company which she founded in 2006. This dance company was initially formed as a satellite company of the renowned ‘The Holy Body Tattoo’ with Gingras as its artistic director. She managed this company in a way that it soon became a talk of theaters and her productions were the events to look forward to. The popularity grew further with Animals of Distinction tickets gaining high demand with every new show. 

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About Animals Of Distinction

As someone wise has put it, dance is a kind of risk and the one who embraces that risk achieve greatness in this field. A good dance involves amplifying the potential of a human body, to test the limits of its flexibility and employing it in a manner that awes the watching eye. Adding innovation to it makes it manifold an extraordinary business and that is what Animals of Distinction brings. Animals of Distinction works as a point of intersection between the contemporary dance and social aesthetics, with collaboration of other art forms in it as well. Smash Up is one smashing production of this dance company which features a collision of dance, sound and animation, presented in a full evening of solos and duets. Custom-built by the Festival TransAmerigues, it was premiered in 2008 and has since been taken to many places around the US, Canada and also in Europe. The show presents live movements with animated motions in a way that employs the senses in a sublime field of emotions, desires and physical manifestations. 
The fandom of Dana Gingras comprises of people with exquisite taste in dancing. In her career spanning twenty years, she has made a name as the most innovative and boundary-pushing artist and choreographer. Starting off with co-founding The Holy Body Tattoo, she changed the idea of dance in Canada and her popularity soon took her out to the US and to the whole world later on. She has several critically acclaimed film and dance productions to her name which has received international recognition. For an event as popular as this, there are loads and loads of people lining outside the venue to watch it. And among these people are also the ones who are as much passionate about watching this dance as anyone but also don’t have a lot to spend on the tickets. In such a situation, cheap Animals of Distinction tickets come as a blessing to them to let them attend this show without having a burden on their pockets. 
The software that Animals of Distinction uses to generate all the remarkable animations and graphics has gone popular so much that it has been presented in numerous universities and graphic design conferences around the world. Apart from this, the company has also worked with Bravo!FACT on three films namely, Double Bubble, Aurelia and Dances for Dzama. In 2010, the company came up with another production, What Is Mine Is Yours, which was presented at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. The year of 2011 saw Animals of Distinction in Vancouver for the premier of another marvelous production, Heart As Arena.
Animals of Distinction is a show where bodies spin in dazzling movements, exploring the limits of human body flexibility. Productions of this dance company offer a stimulating experience where strong emotions and feelings are displayed with layers and layers of gesture, sound and image. One only finds himself being dragged into the world where live movements combine with animated projections. And that is why Animals of Distinction tickets are a wonderful treat not only for the people who are passionate about dancing but also for the people who want to experience the marvels of dancing. 
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