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Based on the lives of two of the best composers of all times, Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amadeus is a work of fiction which takes its inspiration from another short play by the name of Mozart and Salieri. Amadeus the play originally premiered in 1979 at the National Theatre in London to critical acclaim, which is why the play has been adapted in various forms of media as well. During its original run at the National Theatre, Amadeus earned an Evening Standard Award for the category of Best Play.


Directed by Sir Peter Hall, the original production of the play at the Royal National Theatre in London starred Simon Callow for the role of Mozart, while Paul Scofield portrayed the character of Salieri. The production also starred Felicity Kendal who played Contanze. After premiering at the Royal National Theatre, soon after the play was transferred to West End Productions. During its West End run, Frank Finlay replaced Paul Scofield for the role of Salieri.


After enjoying much critical and commercial success back in London, the Broadway production of the play also surfaced almost a year later in 1980, and also managed to make its way into the hearts of the theatrergoers on this side of the globe as well. Broadway production of the play starred Jane Seymour for the role of Contanze, while Mozart was play by Tim Curry, and Ian McKellen starred as Salieri. McKellen’s portrayal of Salieri was highly appreciated, which is why he won a Tony Award for Best Actor. Apart from the Category of Best Actor, the Broadway production of the Amadeus also managed to claim four more Tony Awards including for the category of Best Play. The original production received seven nominations overall, and the production came to an end after running for 1,181 performances. During that performance, several changes were in made in the cast of the play.


On popular demand, Amadeus had its first revival production at the Music Box Theatre in New York City. The production opened on December 15, 1999, when Peter Hall once again directed the play. The production closed down on May 14, 2000 after running for 173 performances. The cast of the revival starred David McCallum, Cindy Katz, and Michael Sheen, and the production went on to receive two Tony Award nominations during its run. Prior to the play’s Broadway revival, another production of the play also opened in Norfolk at the Wells Theatre in 1984. Charles Towers directed the production, while Adam Redfield played Mozart and Terry Finn starred as Constanze.


Following the popularity that the play enjoyed, Amadeus was adapted to a film that was released to critical acclaim in 1984. Starring Tom Hulce as Mozart, F. Murray Abraham for the role of Salieri and Contanze being played by Elizabeth Berridge, the movie went on to win an Academy Award for the category of Best Picture. The movie was directed by Milos Forman, and it primarily drew spotlight over the character of Salieri. The movie was heavily reworked, and contained many differentiations from the original play. The play was also adapted on as a Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 where it was performed by the original cast members of the play’s original Royal National Theatre production.


Ever since its premiere in 1979, Amadeus the play has been entertaining and winning the hearts of theatrergoers all over. The touchy and tragic plot of the play touches the profound feelings of the viewers. The play has been in rotation through several other small productions as well, apart from the major productions. So if theater is what gets you going, then Amadeus is a must see for you. And with our cheap Amadeus tickets you get your money’s worth!



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