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Servant of Two Masters is a theatrical comedy authored by the celebrated Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni. Dating back to the early 18th century, the play has been adapted several times for the theatre and the cinema. The Servant of Two Masters has thrilled audiences and critics alike with an exuberant and exhilarating unfolding of its multiple narratives. Now, the play is slated for another major revival amidst high fan anticipation. Promising nothing less than a riot of time, this upcoming production is sure to be one of the year’s most delightful theatrical highlights and is likely to draw large audiences. Needless to say, Servant of Two Masters tickets will likely become one of the most sought after entertainment commodities for the season. 

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About A Servant to Two Masters

The story of the Servant of Two Masters starts in the Venetian house of Pantalone, where the engagement of his daughter, Clarice to the son of Doctor Lombardi, Silvio is being celebrated. The proceedings are interrupted when the presence of Federigo Rasponi of Turin, who was believed to have died and had been promised Clarice’s hand in marriage, is announced. This Federigo in reality is Beatrice, his sister, disguised as him. The announcement is made by none other than, Truffaldino, the insatiably hungry servant of Federigo. From there on, the play revolves around the exploits of Truffaldino hatching a scheme to double his wages and meals by serving two masters, amidst all confused parties involved, at the same time. The result is tom foolery par excellence, with this modern adaptation by Constance Congdon featuring humor that ranges from throwaway jokes like “Leave it to Beaver” to pop culture references such as Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.
The original production of the play was written at the request of Antonio Sacco, one of the greatest commedia dell’arte actors of his time, who played the stock character of Truffaldino throughout most of his career. Sacco’s earliest draft of the play had large sections that were reserved for improvisation. It borrowed heavily from commedia dell’arte, the 16th century Italian theatre tradition which employs the use of stock characters and which later became the foundation for modern sketch comedy. Playwright, Carlo Goldoni, revised the original script in 1753, which is the version that exists today. In the true improvisational spirit of commedia dell’arte, however, each adaptation of Servant of Two Masters has molded the play to allow for novel settings. This has slowed the play to remain fresh and relevant even after such a long time.
The character of Truffaldino is masterfully executed by the inimitable Steven Epps, with Guthrie’s favorite Sarah Agnew accompanying him as Beatrice. With director Christopher Bayes helming the project, the upcoming production of Servant of Two Masters brims with comedic energy to the point where the almost teeter and totter under the weight of its own exuberance. To Bayes’ credit, however, the show manages to finding its way back to balancing itself out at every turn, if only to reel almost out of control again. Especially entertaining is Truffaldino leading this bandwagon in its comical and frenzied trapeze act. A major theme of the play is conveyed through Truffaldino’s hunger. Perpetually hungry, the man’s ultimate success comes not with a full belly but rather from a woman’s a kiss. The subtext within is that a man can clamor for worldly delight as he wants, but he shall never be complete without love.
Servant of Two Masters is now retrospectively considered as one of the most progressive comedies of its time. It was the forbearer of what is now widely referred to as sketch comedy and paved the way for improvisation as a legitimate form of performance. The current revival, which is being brought to the stage by the Yale Repertory Theatre, is already making waves. The Washington Post has hailed it as a “bowlful of joy!” and the New York Times observes that "The laughter would be quite enough to propel [Servant of Two Masters] onto a theater lover's must-see list. But then there's the magic." Servant of Two Masters is a memorable, exhilarating and fun-filled comedy that is as timeless and universal as it is entertaining. It has reduced audiences into fits of laughter for the entirety of its existence and is sure to do so one more. Theatre enthusiasts will be happy to know that cheap Servant of Two Masters tickets, are now up for grabs.

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