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50 Shades! The Musical presents a musical spoof of E.L. James’s erotic thriller 50 Shades of Grey, bringing us an all new seductive millionaire Christian Grey with a pot belly, among many other exciting alterations. The show has featured music by the band of Johnny Pisano, Al Veteri and Jody Shelton, where the latter is also the musical director. It has been written by Emily Dorezas, Ashley Ward, Amanda David and Al Samuels, and produced by Dan Wessels and Jody Shelton. The musical has been created by Act5 Entertainment and produced by Emily Dorezas, Al Samuels and Marshall Cordell.

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About 50 Shades The Musical

This new presentation promises just what the original book needed; a handful of fun singing alongside all those handcuffs, wrestling singles and fancy helicopters with funny nicknames. According to co-creator, Al Samuels, the show is both an intriguing spoof as well as a celebration of its book series, and is not just meant for its readers. He promisingly warns the audience that they will see things that they have never before come across. The parodied musical, which has been created by the Chicago-based sketch comedy ensemble Baby Loves Candy, has already played before a sold-out crowd in New Jersey and New York and is on its way to doing many more while winning new fans wherever it tours. 50 Shades The Musical tickets are the newest, most delightful treat among theatergoers.
Fifty Shades of Grey has become quite a popular part of our culture besides just making the women all over the globe, more aware of the inner goddesses within them waiting to be unleashed. It was only a matter of time that the self-published success trilogy made its way on stage with a musical score destined to crack the biggest laughs. 50 Shades! The Musical centers on the same characters and plot of the global literary sensation, depicting successful young entrepreneur Christian Grey and the twenty-one year old Ana Steele in rather comical lights.  Here, Mr. Grey is not quite handsome or physically fit as he had been in the book, since he now sports a pot belly while Miss Steel is a bit daft.
The show combines their encounters and raunchy dynamics with the presence of some scantily clad dancers along with three hilariously horny housewives yelling out the original goofy show tunes. Together the combination celebrates the book’s sexually overt content while lampooning its protagonists. Surprisingly enough, the play rolls to its end without any nudity or anything particularly explicit, and yet explores the planet of props galore and BDSM simulation.
The appeal of the all new 50 Shades! The Musical has been described to possess an unadulterated, pure kind of humor. The story unfolds with fascinating symbolic props such as white streamers which explode up on stage at strategic moments when a scene approaches the "climax". The lyrics and dialogues are just as bawdy while its best captured moments are subtler and smarter such as the time when Ana outgrows her naïve obsession with Mr. Darcy and comes to embrace her kinky new side in the form of Grey’s submissive mistress. She exclaims "this is not a book, it’s real life. Had it been a book, it would have been terrible." The audience gets quite a few treats and kicks as Christian initially moonlight as Phantom of the Opera, escorting Ana to his hidden Red Room of Pain.

50 Shades! The Musical is about ninety-minutes long, filled with fisting jokes, feather tickles and gag balls. Though the show has without a doubt, brought together a bunch of middle-aged housewives from the same book club giggling uncontrollably over the slapstick jokes and gags, as the sweaty saga between Grey and Steele unfolds; the musical has been designed to hold something of a flavor for everyone. So don’t just sit back and think about it; hurry to grab some 50 Shades Musical tickets before they’re all hogged by expectant theatergoers picking seats and getting ready for popcorn.

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