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After being an outrageous success on Broadway and West End, 42nd Street returns once again with a blast. The musical has been set during the days of the Great Depression.  Julian Marsh, the great white way director, tries to put on a show on Broadway and dictatorial qualities take over the production. It is a musical presentation of Harry Warren with lyrics written by Al Dubin. The original Broadway production was directed by Gower Champion in 1980. The show won numerous Tony Awards for its theatrical brilliance.

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It is a great story with all the elements necessary for a hit. It has drama, excitement, thrill and a love angle as well. The story which revolves around the theatrical show, ‘Pretty Lady’ becomes the reason for Julian and Peggy’s love story. Peggy is a small town girl who is struggling to strike as an actress. She arrives late for the auditions and thus is refused by the production. The chorus girls see her disappointed face and show her sympathies, encouraging Peggy to show them her dance routine. By the stroke of luck, Julian sees her dancing and the story takes an interesting turn. The love is in the air but the production’s future is in jeopardy. Will the curtains of Pretty Lady be raised? Will their efforts go down the drain? To enjoy the love and nail-biting tension on the 42nd Street, you need to order 42nd Street Atlantic City Tickets now!