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4000 Miles is one of the most amazing plays of the current era. It is simply yet elegant, uncomplicated yet stunning. The play came to the fore in 2011 but since has gone on to become a very big hit with fans and critics buying 4000 Miles tickets in droves to watch this amazing new play. For theater enthusiasts nothing beats the excitement of a new play coming up and making its mark right from the word go which is exactly what happens with 4000 Miles

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About 4000 Miles

4000 Miles is based on the experiences of losing someone you love, forever. It is a story that captures in detail the after effects and coming to terms with the loss of someone very close. This remarkable musical covers all that coupled with two people from different era’s breaking their generation gap to help understand each other better. 4000 Miles is by renowned Amy Herzog and is produced by the development program of LCT3. LCT3 is the development and production arm of the Lincoln Theater that was created with the vision of giving new playwrights, performers and directors etc a chance to showcase their talents for the world to see. A brand new theater on top of the Beaumont at the Lincoln Theater is being built specifically for this purpose. The idea came to the fore in 2008 under the careful eyes of Paige Evans and started to call upon the famous Duke Theater as their home until their own venue was created. The new venue will be called the Claire Tow Theater which will start to host 4000 Miles from the spring of the year 2012.
This epic is directed by Daniel Autkin and it first started previewing on 6th June, 2011. After extensive preview sessions to look into and iron out any issues there might remain 4000 Miles commercially opened its door to the general public on 20th June, 2011 to massive critical acclaim. The story revolves around Leo played by Gabriel Ebert and his grandmother Vera played by the legendary Mary Louise Wilson. Leo is a twenty one year old boy who comes to Vera’s house after a 4000 Miles cross country trip. Leo is downbeat but he refuses to share what’s bothering him with his grandmother. Vera, on the other hand is someone totally opposite to what Leo expected her to be. She is vibrant, loud mouthed and a firebrand which surprises her grandson. As two people from totally different generations start t live together it starts a relationship that goes far beyond anything anyone could have imagined. Their views differ on a lot of things but their attitudes somehow get intertwined for both of them to work and live together perfectly and open up to each other to create a very special bond.
Mary Louise Wilson does what she does best and that is deliver an absolutely astounding performance that is hailed by one and all. Her amazing acting skills shine through this very difficult role to once again show the world nothing is beyond her. As for Gabriel Ebert, he might be a new comer and a novice compared to his more illustrious grandmother but he more than hold his own as Leo. His depression and his frustrations at everything that’s happened to him all the way to dealing with his grandmother to come over the generation gap shows his range of skills that is sure to keep him going for a long time to come yet. Fans have bought 4000 Miles tickets to watch this stunning musical at its best.
4000 Miles is one of the plays that shows that the next generation of creative minds in theater will keep on carrying the tradition of excellence forward without too many problems. For anyone who wants to see the very best of the new generation of theater all you need to do is get your hands on cheap 4000 Miles tickets for a magnificent theatrical experience that will remain long in the memory.

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