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Famed writer Peter Stone wrote a lovely book on music in the first quarter of the twentieth century. When composer and lyricist Sherman Edwards got his hands on the first edition of Peter’s book, he instantly set about converting it to a musical. The collaboration of both artists gave life to a musical called 1776 the Musical. The Declaration of Independence is the crux behind the story of this beautiful musical. Some portions are converted to fiction whereas the main body revolves around John Adams trying to convince his compatriots to opt for an independent America and agree to sign the infamous document.

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In the late sixties, the musical was first introduced to the public at Broadway. The reviews were in conformity with the epic work of art and the critics lauded the efforts of all and sundry inclusive of the writers, directors and musicians. That is the reason 1776 Musical ran successfully for over twelve hundred shows. Having been nominated for the coveted Tony Award, the musical won it three times. The winning awards included the Tony Award for Best Musical. The immense popularity caught the ears of Hollywood producers, who soon converted this musical into a movie. The finesse and beauty of this musical has stood the test of time. In 1997, Broadway hosted the show once again, reviving the melodies and memories of this seventies hit musical.
Many writers before 1776 the Musical had not ventured into writing about the American Revolution except for Rodgers and Hart. Their depiction of the American Revolution was called “Dearest Enemy”. When Sherman Edwards first read their excerpts, he found it difficult to convert the writing to lyrics with much alacrity and so he dropped the idea. Sherman went on to become a chart buster in hi own right throughout the fifties and sixties. When he stumbled upon Peter Stone’s edition, he knew his dream of doing a musical on the American Revolution would finally see the light of day. He delved deep into the history of the men behind the American Revolution. He carefully studied their lives and traits so as to do justice with his job as a musician. He relives those times of research and quoted, “they were men who understood the meaning of commitment.”
Under the management and auspices of Director/Producer Stuart Ostrow, Sherman set out to leave a mark with his musical production. One of the anchor persons of a widely broadcast and recognized radio show mentioned vehemently about the presence of this musical. He said on one his morning broadcasts, “This is not a musical where men of cardboard are treated as gods, it is a revelation of the truth behind our identity and it is accurate to the last dot”. 1776 the Musical Thousand Oaks made headlines across North America and some parts of Europe. John Adams was widely recognized around the world as being an outspoken delegate from Massachusetts. His character was the centre of attention in this musical. The delegates under debated would remain the heart of the story, led by John’s character and only two female characters, his wife Abigail and Martha Jefferson. 1776 the Musical Thousand Oaks tickets are a great way for you to enjoy one of the best musical theatrical shows.
For three years after 1969, the musical continued with sold out crowds. The venues jumped from the Richard Rodgers Theater on 46th Street to St. James Theatre and the curtain for the last of over twelve hundred shows was dropped at the Majestic Theatre. Over two decades later, the Roundabout Theatre Company of New York finalized a plan to bring the musical back to the avid audience of Broadway. By the sprig of 1997, the pre-show production was nearly complete and in August the same year, they were able to release the musical for public viewing. By year’s end, the management shifted the venue to the George Gershwin Theatre. That was aimed at commercial recognition of the musical. After a successful run of three hundred performances, the show went off Broadway in June, 1998. The character of John Adams was played to perfection by Scott Ellis.
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