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Tournament of Kings originated in 1990, is one of the two permanent shows held on regular basis at the very famous Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, while Thunder from Down Under being the other. The show takes place in an oval arena called The King Arthur’s Arena, which is big enough to accommodate nine hundred and twenty-five people. The show takes you on a retrospect into the medieval times reflecting the life of the King Arthur. Tournament of Kings revolves around the collision of the knights in armor who are in a race of outdoing each other in order to get supremacy. It is good fighting the evil, with Mordred being the traitor; Merlin the wizard, King Arthur and his son on the battlefield. It is not just any other show, it is rare, expansive and executed on a large scale, leaving its audiences wondering if it is real or make-believe. Hence this is one show that is devoid of any gimmicks or cheap tricks so grab Tournament of Kings tickets and witness how good outweighs the bad.

About Tournament Of Kings Tickets

Tournament of Kings utilizes twelve breeds of horses and a vast array of thirty-two cast members. It is an amalgamation of all the aspects that make up for an epic show; the sword fights, the live horses, the dancing maidens, the strobe lights, pyrotechnics, and fog effects. It gives its fans every reason to buy 2012 Tournament of Kings tickets and gain a deep insight into the medieval times. The beauty of it is the architecture and the structure of the hotel which is a true replica of the Camelot castle, accentuating the theme of the show. In addition to being a thorough amusement, Tournament of Kings has a three-course meal to offer, which is icing on a cake. To top it off, the show caters to everyone as it is a family-oriented show which gives its audiences a chance to interact, consequently making everyone feel the true essence of it. So wait no more and buy cheap Tournament of Kings tickets to enjoy the ultimate conflict between the good and evil.

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