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If magic thrills, mind tricks and comedy is all you seek, then jump onboard! The Mentalist tickets take you just there. Gerry McCambridge is one a world class magician and illusionist. If you have experienced him on television, then it is time to see him perform for real! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Catch him live while he performs his signature style magic, telepathy and gimmicks. This guy is bound to spellbind you with his live side. You can be a part of this super interactive show.

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The Mentalist

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Mentalist V Theater Upstairs - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Friday
11/24/2017 7:30 PM
The Mentalist V Theater Upstairs - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Saturday
11/25/2017 7:30 PM
The Mentalist V Theater Upstairs - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Sunday
11/26/2017 7:30 PM
The Mentalist V Theater Upstairs - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Monday
11/27/2017 7:30 PM
The Mentalist V Theater Upstairs - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas Tuesday
11/28/2017 7:30 PM

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The Mentalist Las Vegas Tickets

About The Mentalist

McCambridge became a phenomenal hit became of his feature TV show on CBS. He has playing the most amazing awe-inspiring illusions for the past three decades. Broadway and CNBC shows like the David Letterman and The Today Show have featured his acts many times. The television show titled “The Mentalist” bears his creative marks and impressions. The Mentalist is a complete entertainment package for every family. It is a show with huge appeal and outreach. It has something to offer almost everyone. If you are coming with your family and kids, you will finds he has some great stuff lined up exclusively for them. For the rest of the family, there are special acts with mystery and magic that they had always wanted to witness live. You can also watch the show with friends; together you can enjoy the spectacular action of magic all around you.
McCambridge is tagged as World’s Best Entertainer in magic and illusion. His show is a wild ride of tricks that the artist plays with your eyes and mind. He also deceives your senses at times and makes you wonder about what really happened. He was a born artist who, was fascinated by art and magic from the very beginning. He developed great love for magic and observational skills over a couple of years. His father a detective by profession inspired him to create “The Mentalist” and play it in Comedy Clubs all over the US. Over time he taught himself a magician who specialized in becoming a live entertainer as well. His obsession with his new line of work made him a celebrity performer at the most hot and happening events throughout the country.
He made it big when he became the winner of the Merlin Award for Mentalist of the Decade in 1999. He was the only one to receive it after 1968. The Mentalist premiered in May 2004. The same year he was awarded for “Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism.”  It went Off-Broadway in 2005 but moved it to Vegas soon after. Vegas loved the show; in the sixth year of running it got the titles of "Top 10 Absolutely Have To See” and the "Best Bargain Show in all of Las Vegas." It has become the longest running Mentalist show in the history of Vegas.
Gerry is very much experienced in his field and his skill makes his performances flawless. His acts are awe-inspiring and present you with the most surprises that you will ever experience in a live magic show. He delivers mind-blowing illusions that leaves you wondering and delusional. Every time he tricks the crowd, gasps and says “How did he do that?”.

The show is simply loaded, it is one of its kind presentation that lets everyone coming here get a feel of what happens in their own minds as well as the mind of other. The audience interaction is the biggest attraction for audiences coming to this show. It is a great way for Gerry McCambridge’s followers and fans to have a nice casual chit chat. It is also the best way to get random information out of almost everyone in the audience. It might be a little strange how this trick master goes the mindreading, however he surely gets past your buffer zone. He comes into the head steals out a bunch of things like addresses, birthdays, pet names etc.
Gerry has amazing talent and a very mystic stage presence. With his strong aura and charm he has captured the imaginations and hearts of millions in the US and around the world. He has an ever-increasing pool of fans who love him of his creativity, innovation and humor. Watch this TV Celebrity and multiple award winning star performs live at Las Vegas!  See the mind boggling magic, mindreading and tricks with cheap The Mentalist tickets.

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A:No, you kids do not need the mentalist tickets to attend the show with you.

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