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La Reve is one the most popular and watched shows in Las Vegas. The audiences love its unique idea and hypnotic music. Although, the contents are not bawdy and not meant strictly for adults but to fully enjoy and understand the show, it is highly advisable to the adults to watch it with a partner. One of the best factors which appeal the Le Reve audiences is that that each time they watch the show, they experience an improved different version of it. For first time viewers, this show is an experience of an extreme theater pleasure. The horny dance moves of the hot dancers, the visually attractive shifts of the acrobats, the mesmerizing music and of course the big bowl of water will help you flow with the staged fantasy. You will never regret watching the show, so get your cheap Le Reve Tickets for a fantastic experience.

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Le Reve

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Le Reve Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas Friday
10/20/2017 7:00 PM
Le Reve Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas Friday
10/20/2017 9:30 PM
Le Reve Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas Saturday
10/21/2017 7:00 PM
Le Reve Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas Saturday
10/21/2017 9:30 PM
Le Reve Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas Sunday
10/22/2017 7:00 PM

About Le Reve

When premiered in May, 2005, the show became the first production at the Wynn Resort. Le Reve is the French word for 'The Dream' and in literature it is use for the famous painting by Picasso. The painting is owned by The Wynn Resorts. The show is inspired from the Cirque Du Soleil but its plot is not fixed. Le Reve is produced by the producer Franco Dragone who produced famous Cirque shows i.e. La Nouba, Quidam, Alegria, O and Mystere. A round crystal jar that can hold 1.2 million gallons of water is the stage of the show. The seats are built virtually around it and the audience view from all the section is as good as that from the VIP box. The production cost of the show is unknown. Wynn Resorts have bought Le Reve from its producer but the production label of Dragone is still on.

The theme of the show revolves around human emotions. The appropriate music, story, costumes, lights, choreography creates the perfect impact. Exquisite aquatic acrobats are breathtaking. The stunning and risky moves while hung with ropes and the awesome underwater synchronies are aided with the most sophisticated stage work. It takes a lot of time to put on the special costumes, belts, accessories and water proof makeup. The tiresome long rehearsal is a must before each show. The job of the Le Reve performers is tougher than the film stars. Their well shaped figure and ability to do risky stunts is what won them a role in the show, and any compromise on it can be a serious threat to their jobs. Hence regular workout and practice of balance during freefall moves is a must for them. Watching the water bowl transform into a ladies bed room or a dance floor is an amazing experience.

The majority of the audiences relate Le Reve with Cirque Du Soleil O. Both the shows are produced by Franco Dragone and are feature with water, there obviously has to be similarity. However the analytical viewers and critics rate it differently. Unlike Cirque Du Soleil's show, Le Reve has a story and the entire plot is woven around the theme. Although there is no narration or voice over but the music, facial expressions, body moves and makeup help form the picture. A single scene may leave different impact on different audience because like a dream, the themes are set a little abstract. Height of Dragone's work is seen in this show. It gives a floating feeling, the variations done with the same stage might get you back in the real world with a surprising gasp but you will not be able to resist the day dreams for long. You will want to return to Wynn Las Vegas and experience more of Le Reve with eyes wide open and sometimes mouth too. A trip to Las Vegas can never be complete without watching Le Reve show. Place the order for Le Reve Tickets and treat yourself with one of the finest adult entertainment!

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