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The Saxe Theater is bringing to stage once again the glamour and magic of one of the most popular rock groups in the history of music in the tribute show called “B - A Tribute to The Beatles.” It will take everything you love about The Beatles and bring it to life on stage. There are numerous tribute bands and shows for the legendary rock band, but no one else creates the magic of John, Paul, George and Ringo like the B – A Tribute to The Beatles. To experience the sophistication and finesse of The Beatles once again, hurry to get your B BeatleShow tickets while they are still available.

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In the sixties, The Beatles became a smashing hit owing to their distinctive music and performance style. They originated in the UK and soon after, dominated the US music arenas as well. Their splendid songs and lyrics took the rock music fans by storm and made the band one of the biggest rock bands in the history of music. Their fan following remains intact to the day and in fact keeps increasing. If you are also a Beatles fan and wish to become part of a full fledge Beatles experience, then the upcoming concert by the B - A Tribute to The Beatles is the event for you to attend.


B - A Tribute to The Beatles has recently been voted as the best Beatles tribute band in the world.  They do not bring any stage spectacles or recorded music, just the authentic Beatles music like “Abbey Road” and “Let it Be”. They follow through era by era, from the Beatlemania to the psychedelic time, with the hits of each performed live on stage. Just like The Beatles thrilled generations of music lovers, the B - A Tribute to The Beatles is also fascinating for young and old alike.


The lineup of the band’ B - A Tribute to The Beatles, comprises several musicians with at least two singers for each member of The Beatles. Howie Arthur and Steve Craig impersonate and perform the role of John Lennon with Arthur and Glen McCallum talking up George Harrison as well; Adam Joel and Mick McCoy take on the role of Paul McCartney and finally Bobby Taylor, Joe Finger and Tony Felicetta as Ringo Star. Another member, Paul Terry, performs as the host. There are also a few dancers accompanying the band in their performances; they include Camme, Allison, Jaque, Lacy and Brandy.


The performers in the band wear elaborate costumes and set the stage lighting to create a complete effect of The Beatles’ era. They perform the all time favorites from albums like “Magical Mystery Tour,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Yellow Submarine.” The tribute band is not just a delight for the old Beatles fans but also for the band’s own following. If you like The Beatles music or if you just want to become part of a memorable rock music event then make sure you do not miss the upcoming concert.


The band’s current performance location is the Saxe Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The venue provides a perfect location for events like this that are expected to draw huge crowds. It is also appropriately equipped with state of the art sound and lighting system. The design of the theatre is tailored to enhance the concert entertainment experience. B - A Tribute to The Beatles promises to take you into the real Beatles experience and leave you breathless by the end of the performance. Get your B BeatleShow tickets and have a chance to relive The Beatles music experience in a delightful milieu.


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