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The world of Disney has been a part of every one’s childhood. How we used to adore the character of Mickey Mouse, be amused by the temperament of Donald Duck and laugh crazy at the antics of Goofy. Though these characters represent the very essence of Disney but they do not even begin to give you an idea of the breadth of the Disney universe. Who can forget long nosed Pinocchio, the dazzling Snow White and her seven dwarfs, Baloo and Mogli, the adorable Dumbo, the innocent Bambi and the list can go on forever, decades later these characters have managed to keep their charm intact and three generations have come not only to enjoy but also cherish them. This same universe now comes to you on ice and the Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Tickets for various cities are now available for sale.

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About Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

Started in the 1980s by Fled Entertainment under agreement with the Walt Disney Company, the show consists of figure skaters wearing costumes of Disney characters and skating on themes and music derived from the actual productions of the Walt Disney Company. The show has been such a commercial success that the company runs eight production and touring companies throughout the year. Demand for the shows have been so intense that even the traditionally non-skating regions like the Middle East, Asia and Americas have been toured with arenas filled to the brim with enthusiastic audiences.
The production company ensures that new themes are introduced after regular intervals to keep the fans guessing about the themes and characters that might be performing on ice the next time they decide to buy tickets for the shows. This time around the new production has been named as Treasure Trove it will provide you with an experience that you have never seen before even if you have been to the previous acts of Disney on Ice.
The characters on display for Treasure Trove shall include an illustrious list of Disney Princesses, the playful and ever young characters of Neverland, the wise and not so wise protagonists of the Lion King and many more. So rest assured that the Cheap Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Tickets will take you to a world unlike any other and an experience that really is breath taking.
The stories to be represented in the show are as diverse as the cast of characters and this year too there is a long list of cherished stories that have touched your heart and have managed to stay with you throughout all these years. Taking on the ice rink this time as well will be our beloved princess Cinderella, who will be followed by Alice in Wonderland and joining in the fun later will be Pocahontas. Disney on Ice will also feature adventures of Peter Pan and the characters of Jungle Book will also take the center stage. Sleeping Beauty will also be seen spreading her magic and The Little Mermaid will swim her way onto the ice to entertain her fans. The list continues and so will the endless entertainment.
Agreed that the shows are primarily targeted at the younger audiences but there is no reason that adults too cannot enjoy them. After all the adults too were once children and Disney has an appeal that transcends the boundaries of time and generations. Disney on Ice Treasure Trove will assure quality time for the whole family. It is not every day you get to see such beloved and well known characters coming to life and performing on ice in front of you, give them a chance to thrill your child and to take you back to a time when you too believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.
Rest assured that this will be a show unlike any other you have witnessed before and an experience that you can ill afford to miss. Just relax and let Disney turn on the magic like only it can. Disney on Ice Treasure Trove Tickets will open a door to a magical world where you will find yourself singing and dancing in no time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I want to buy 6 treasure trove tickets in on order. Can i do that?

A:You can buy as many Treasure Trove Tickets in one order as you want as we put no limitation in this regard.

Q:How long before you will deliver my disney on ice treasure trove tickets?

A:Your Treasure Trove Tickets will be delivered at your doorsteps once you finalize the online deal with us.

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