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Great news for all Toy Story enthusiasts! Their favorite cowboy along with his gang of toys is finally coming to a city new you! Woody is back and just like the last two times, he is not alone! Together with his round up gang, Woody will save the day, once again. The latest production of Disney on Ice, Toy Story 3 begins with the darkest fears of the toys. Andy is all grown up and is going away to college. This is the time when the worst fears of the toys come back to haunt them. Half the toys are worried sick that Andy would throw them away while the other half the toys along with Woody are pretty sure that he would tuck them away safely in the attic.

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A bit of a misunderstanding lands the toys in the day care centre where all is not as it seems. The ice show bears resemblance with the movie because of course, it is an adaptation of the flick per se but there is lots of singing and dancing to spectacular original tunes. It is really nice to see life size toys skidding on the ice, showing off their skills on the ice while singing and dancing as well. The characters are played by professional skaters who don the costumes of the characters. All in all, the show is an absolute treat for both Disney as well as the Toy Story fans so grab your Toy Story 3 Nassau Coliseum tickets and have some fun.

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