Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After French Performance Tickets

Fairytales usually have a “Happily Ever After” ending. However, Disney seems to have put a new twist on things with their new show Rockin’ Ever After. Produced by Feld Entertainment under the Disney on Ice banner, the show will be featuring a scintillating spectacle of the life-sized stars of four of Disney’s blockbuster animated movies, namely Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the nouveau adventure Brave. However, for their Montreal performance, the producers have gone one step further and rendered the whole shebang in French. Everything from the dialogues to the music and the lyrics will all be performed in Français for the viewing pleasure of the French speaking locals. So book some Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After French performance tickets to “rock pour toujours et a jamais.

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About Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After French Performance

For more than three decades, the Disney on Ice phenomenon has been putting a chill on virtually all of the popular animated characters that have been featured in the various Disney flicks. As if taking a cold cue from its first creation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that was made back in the 1930s, Disney on Ice began with a show titled World on Ice in 1981 and hasn’t looked back since. Featuring mostly the iconic characters of Mickey and Minnie along with Donald Duck, Goofy and Pinocchio during the eighties, Disney on Ice started to introduce more vibrant vagabonds from the onset of the 1990s. Peter Pan and his merry crew of the Lost Boys battled the nefarious Captain Hook and his dastardly coterie of pirates on icy rinks instead of the high seas. This paved the way for the magical shenanigans of the Beauty and the Beast as well as Aladdin and company in the first half of the nineties and the playthings of Toy Story and the fishy fare of The Little Mermaid in the latter half.
The new millennium unfolded with the computer generated characters of the Pixar lot making their transition from the cinema screens to the icy surfaces of arenas all over. The brood of Toy Story 2 and the creatures of Monsters, Inc. and those of Finding Nemo scurried, romped and rampaged around on steel blades, adding another dimension to their roles that had previously only been limited to 2D. Even in this age cutting-edge viewing technology, forget 3D movies and IMAX viewing. Your cheap Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After French performance tickets will give you eye-popping realism courtesy superb attention to detail.
Feld Entertainment seems to have left no stone, ahem, rock unturned with the Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After French performance. Featuring a full-fledged lineup of all the various stars of Brave, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid and Tangled, the show is eagerly anticipated as it will be the debut of the ravishing red-haired heroine Merida. Having the archery chops of Robin Hood and the skating prowess of an ice princess, Merida will astound spectators young and old alike. However, the other flaming-haired nymph from the depths of the ocean will bring her entire aquatic armada to the surface. Ariel, daughter of Triton, the King of the Seas is not just graceful while navigating the currents but also when skating circles on the ice. Rapunzel may have a hard time managing her luscious locks while all locked up in a tower but she has no problem in sweeping across the ice, with Flynn Rider and Maximus skating helter-skelter after her. Belle doesn’t disappoint either, with her potent charms calming down the beastly whims of the prince. The castle’s folk, typically Gaston, Lumiere and Cogsworth having been magically transformed into cutesy cutlery, will be a constant source of amusement and wonderment for the young audiences.
The party atmosphere of the Rockin’ Ever After Show is carried forth via a soundtrack that features the likes of Madonna, the Go-Gos and Cindy Lauper. So claim some Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After French performance tickets to behold an animated extravaganza come to life. These “girls surely wanna have fun” so come join in!

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