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Disney On Ice Mundos Fantasticos is a figure skating show that is centered on famous Disney cartoons. The show has a life of its own and features your favorite Disney characters such as “Ariel,” “Sebastian,” “Pluto,” “Peter Pan,” “Tinker Bell,” “Woody,” “Buzz,” “Lightening McQueen” and “Doc Hudson” to name a few. The Arena Ciudad de México will echo with the sound of Disney’s classic numbers as the venue for this show. Get your Disney On Ice Mundos Fantasticos tickets and embark on a journey through the Disney classics collection.

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About Disney On Ice Mundos Fantasticos


Disney On Ice is a touring ice show that was formed as part of an agreement between The Walt Disney Company and Feld Entertainment. It has figure skaters who dress up and impersonate different Disney personalities and cartoons. The shows are primarily aimed for children but everyone can enjoy the production, costumes, performances and songs Disney On Ice has to offer. The story lines are usually inspired by Disney movies and various elements that make the characters in them famous. All that and more is highlighted every time Disney On Ice makes its way to the stage. Moreover, the show’s main cast is credited by the character they play rather than being credited with their own names. Prominent Disney On Ice hosts include “Mickey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” “Daisy Duck,” “Goofy,” “Pluto” and “Minnie Mouse” among others.


The Disney On Ice extravaganza began in 1981, under the name Walt Disney's World on Ice. The producers changed its name in 1998 and now it runs over eight productions at one time. These shows have been performed in a lot of countries in continents such as the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe. Every new production and show makes its debut in North America and is performed there for two years. It then heads to Japan for the third year followed by Australia, England and other parts of the world for the fourth year. The show then returns home to the U.S the following year before going abroad for its sixth year.


The Disney On Ice shows are truly phenomenal and some of them have been running for more than eighteen years. They are tweaked every once in a while to include new storylines and characters. The Disney princess “Tiana” has just joined the caravan. The longest running Disney On Ice shows include the likes of “Passport to Adventure,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “100 Years of Magic”.


The Disney on Ice Mundos Fantasticos will feature music and plot from movies like “The Little Mermaid,” “Toy Story 3,” “Cars” and “Tinker bell”. Prominent songs from these movies include “Under the Sea,” "Kiss the Girl," “Poor Unfortunate Souls,”  "To the Fairies They Draw Near “Fly With Me,” "How to Believe," "Let Your Heart Sing," "Be True," "To the Fairies They Draw Near,” “Shine," "Wonder of It All," "Real Gone,"   "Route 66," "Life Is a Highway," "Behind the Clouds," "Our Town," "Sh-Boom," "We Belong Together,” "You've Got a Friend in me,” "Cowboy!,"  "Garbage?," "Sunnyside," "Woody Bails," "Come to Papa," "Go See Lotso," "Bad Buzz," "You Got Lucky," "Spanish Buzz,” “What About Daisy?," "To the Dump" and "The Claw".


No Disney On Ice show is complete without Mickey and Minnie Mouse and same is the case with Disney On Ice Mundos Fantasticos. It will extensively feature both stars and fans will get a chance to see this wonderful couple sing, dance and skate on ice right in front of their eyes. In the end, the whole cast and crew will come together for an encore. Seeing all your favorite Disney characters on one stage will only add to your experience.


This is your chance to get Disney On Ice Mundos Fantasticos tickets and witness a wonderful celebration of Disney cartoons live in front of your eyes. The venue will add to the entire experience. The Arena Ciudad de México or the Mexico City Arena is a modern state of the art complex that will add an extra dimension to the show through its world class facilities.


 If you are a Disney fan, this experience is not to be missed. The Disney on Ice Mundos Fantasticos will entertain you from start to finish. It will take you on a journey through various Disney classics all in one show. It promises to be an experience the fans at the venue will never forget.


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