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Disney on Ice present’s Mickey and Minnie’s Magical journey, a multifaceted show that brings Mickey and friends from the club house to meet with many other all time favorite Disney characters. The show began showcasing Mickey and Minnie’s trip to see the magical worlds of NeverLand, Hawaii, Prideland and Sebastian’s enchanted undersea world. Not solely a treat for Mickey clubhouse fans, this show offers much more to many more. From everything between Peter Pan and Captain Hook to Lilo and Stitch’s mischievous acts to Simba and Nala’s life in their Pride and Ariel living a desolate life in her enchanted undersea world: the magical journey speaks of feelings and expressions of love, care and friendship, all in good fun.

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About Disney On Ice Minnies Magical Journey

Mickey and Minnie’s Magical journey has become Disney’s longest running touring show. The show’s curtain raiser in Florida in 1995 imparted the most unimaginable musical performance with the most creative and artistic ice skating. The ice skating presented in this show is one of its kind and carries strong dance impressions. From the beginning to end, the show offers two hours of non-stop entertainment. Miscamosca and HotDogs dance jam sessions are handed over to Mickey and Minnie who explore the magical world for themselves.  Based on ice-skating the presentation seems different form the cartoon shows and animations. However, the real festive mood of the show allows Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto to come together and celebrate the spirit of friendship. These impressions lead to a rather subtle yet exciting never seen romance between Mickey and Minnie. Their couple skate show act captures them as extraordinary friends in love who whom embark upon a journey that takes them to the world of magic. This world is synonymous to the stage presenting homelands of main characters: the Hawaiian island, Africa, Under the Sea and Neverland. Together Mickey and Minnie visit these places and see for themselves the charm of characters living amidst these magical places.
Since its first appearance the show has been produced and presented in various tours in the years 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Every time the show has brought the best acting, dance and skating talent marveling all age groups. The show creators chose to show the most amicable Disney characters through the eyes of  Mickey and Minnie. Both are internationally renowned classic celebrities. For the Americans the two are icons of entertainment with a timeless outreach that continues to mesmerize viewers and audiences even today.
The show production team and artistic direction is brilliant. It has facilitated in creating a magical and hypnotic experience compared to the animations. Life size Mickey and Minnie connects to everyone’s childhood. Additionally, it is hard to see and believe that real life size Peter Pan and the Pirates with Tinker Bell and fairies dashing pixie dust, making life more magical with help and care from others. Interestingly Lilo and Stitch’s Hawaiian adventures became more exciting and fast track while skating. The mega hit Lion King comes to life when on the trip PrideLand is visited and Simba and Nala are discovered in their new sprung romance. Their dance together is liable to create haze and daze for Lion King Fans, it is so romantic! The show’s team has worked extremely hard to materialize Sebastian’s enchanting undersea kingdom on stage. For Ariel and friends every show out rightly enhanced to enchant; underwater sounds, lights and ancillary effect loaded songs and dances with visual and audio support.
The magical journey show has led to the production of many other Disney on Ice shows. It was first of its kind in gelling different backdrops and characters together with different storylines. It displays parts of them as they are wanted to be seen by the audiences; complying one on one, with the original in look and feel. Every single aspect of the character’s presentation, dialogues and music scores is carved carefully to type match the role model. To deliver the right feeling about the stage characters, lights, sets and costumes were used skillfully and tactfully. Having watched these characters onscreen before, kids are stoned as they come on stage. The good thing about this reaction is that they keep wondering and imagining about life in the world and underworld of magic and wish they were there. No wonder, everyone from adults to kids of all ages, are left spell bounded. Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey Tickets are your passes to Disney’s best live event, bound to captivate your heart, mind and soul, forever!

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