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Disney On Ice is a series of ice shows which began in 1981 and is primarily aimed at children. The performances feature figure skaters who dress up as Disney characters and perform on the music and plot adopted from various Disney movies. The stars of the show are Disney characters, while the ice skaters stay anonymous. The shows have been played in different parts of the world including Americas, Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Europe.

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Fascinating Story

Disney’s Frozen made its debut in 2013. It takes the audience on a captivating journey, where Anna desperately searches for her sister Elsa to save the kingdom of Arendelle from an endless winter. While rescuing Elsa, Anna comes across amusing characters including mountain man Kristoff, his faithful reindeer Sven, and Olaf the snowman. They all come together to begin their search for Elsa while withstanding the tough Scandinavian icescape.


Frozen appeal

Frozen highlights the princess appeal and also takes its viewers to an unexplored world of magic. The fairytale shows that true love is vital and it is not romantic love but the love of family that makes Arendelle a happy kingdom again. The movie earned estimated revenue of $1,072.4 billion and was a massive hit among children and adults alike. The movie’s anthem “Let it Go” made it even more enchanting for the audience.


The spell binding story, comical characters, and the beautiful message have had an everlasting impact on the audience.  If you want to experience this delightful show of Disney live on ice, get your Disney On Ice Frozen Pittsburgh tickets today.

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