Disney On Ice Frozen Greenville Tickets

If your children, like countless others, have fallen captive to the movie Frozen and its astounding soundtrack, then hear this. Frozen is not done yet! Yes, the award winning animated movie is coming on ice and will be touring all over the country for the whole season. Disney on Ice: Frozen is all set to perform at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena and families can now buy Disney on Ice Frozen Greenville tickets.

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About Disney On Ice Frozen Greenville Tickets


Besides an opportunity to meet their beloved princesses Elsa and Anna, children can also expect some fun activities at the Disney on Ice: Frozen spectacle. Around 20 snow machines will be installed throughout the arena and it will create an ambiance of icing mountains. The audience will experience blizzard and through 3D effects and huge video projections it would seem they are trekking up the snow covered mountains.


Mickey & Minnie Mouse, accompanied by Goofy and Donald Duck would open the show and introduce some magical moments. One of the biggest pleasures of attending a Disney on Ice show, especially for the parents, is to see a gleam in their children’s eyes. With beaming smiles, they watch each segment in anticipation and awe. Dazzling costumes, majestic lighting and set design, all contribute to an out of this world experience.


The beloved Disney princesses glide their way onto the ice rink along with their handsome princes and perform on beautifully choreographed dance numbers. You can now sing and dance along with them; all you need are your Disney on Ice Frozen Greenville tickets.