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Disney on Ice: Frozen is a live dance skating version of the movie Frozen (2013). The 3-D animation by Disney premiered around Thanksgiving in 2013. It tells a classic Norwegian fairytale, set in the wintery land of Arendelle. It is a story of power, mystery and magic between two sisters.

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Frozen became a phenomenal hit in no time. It got a lot of critical and public acclaim, especially for its OST that features hit singles such as “Let it go”, “Frozen Heart” and “Love is an Open Door”. Today, it stands as Disney's bestselling animation of all-time. The movie’s success led to its very own Disney on Ice tour. The first season was announced recently, exciting audience with many of its attractions.


The sneak peeks of the show are on TV, news and online. They are already stirring a lot of buzz. A cast of 39 skaters is one of its biggest highlights. It includes princesses of Arendelle (Anna and Elsa). Other Disney princesses will also join them during the performance. Together, they will be seen making snowmen, sledging and sliding in the snow. The crystallized sets and video projections are among the major attractions of the show. They will recreate the sparkling North Mountain and the town-center of Arendelle.


With so many attractions, the show is a big treat for the fans of the movie, Frozen. Make it a part of your holiday celebrations and plans this year. Find deals on Disney on Ice Frozen Fayetteville tickets today.