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The much awaited ice spectacle, Disney On Ice: Frozen is now being staged on the ice rink. Replicating the wintery setting from the Academy Award winning movie, Frozen will soon be playing at the Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex (usually referred to as BJCC). The entertainment complex seats about nineteen thousand people. Prepare yourself to be blown out by the snow blizzard created by twenty snow machines. The theatre goers having Disney On Ice Frozen Birmingham tickets can enjoy the video projection that re-creates the effect of ice-enveloped mountains. Thirty-nine dancers and an amazing storyline will keep you gripped throughout.

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Frozen is a perfect story of sisterly love. It opens in Arendalle where the two royal sisters Elsa and Anna are building a snowman. Elsa has the magical powers to turn everything and anything to ice by just touching it. Realizing that her powers can be dangerous for her beloved sister Anna, Elsa locks herself in a room. Not knowing the reason behind her sister being distant, Anna yearns for the love of her sister. Playing with snow and making snow-man Olaf as a child, Anna sings the popular Do You Want to Build a Snowman? to bring her sister out of the hiding.


The show captivates young and old alike with its heartwarming story of sisterly love and its brilliant songs. Don’t forget to take your sister(s) along to share the experience.


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