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Stardust sprinkles as Disney on Ice’s Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey begin at the John Labott Centre, London, Canada from February 4 to 6, 2011. The audience will travel with Mickey and Minnie to the fantasy worlds of four famous Disney stories! Disney on Ice London will open paths for them to meet the dashing Peter Pan, the beautiful Little Mermaid, spotty Dalmatians, and the Hawaiian girl Lilo and her pet Stitch. Disney on Ice, initially called Walt Disney’s World on Ice, was produced by Feld Entertainment in agreement with the Walt Disney Company. The show opened in 1981. It presents Disney characters from various Disney films who perform to the songs of the films and pantomime famous scenes from the films on the ice rink. The characters are figure skaters whose real identities remain unknown to the audience. Due to the immense popularity of Disney films and characters, Disney on Ice has become a global touring ice show. Its shows are hosted in all the continents.

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However, there is a pattern to it. For the first two years of a show’s opening, touring is done in North America. Then it moves to Japan and later to Australia, England and other countries. The shows keep running depending on their popularity. This is what makes Disney on Ice: Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey so special. It has been on tour for 15 years and still counting. Since 1995, it has woven a spell around children and adults alike. Disney on Ice London tickets this year are going to ensure that the spell remains potent as ever.

Constantly on tour, Disney on Ice will make its next stop in your town. To be a part of this incredible ice skating extravaganza, where the skaters perform as different Disney characters, get some Cheap Disney on Ice London tickets. The show is as much for the adults as for the kids, allowing everyone to have an experience of a life time. The company initially started its production under the banner "Walt Disney’s World On Ice" in 1981, but was later modified to "Disney On Ice". It is a worldwide famous show and has conducted several tours all over the world. Disney on Ice is a show that mainly focuses on children making it a great source of entertainment for them.

This season, the characters from The Little Mermaid, Brave, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast will be performing on the rink along with several other Disney princesses. Feel the joy when Cinderella meets her prince charming after the crystal sandal slips easily on her feet. Princess Merida, a character from ‘Brave’ is going to make her debut in the show. Her entry will bring a new twist in the fairytale fun. Disney on Ice London tickets by logging onto our website as we offer affordable prices for you to enjoy the show as much as you can with your family, without being worried about your budget. So, go and enjoy!

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Q:Can I have my disney on ice london tickets discount refunded if I can't make it to the event?

A:No, as per our company policy your Disney On Ice London Tickets cannot be refunded once you have bought them.

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A:That will not happen but please inform us if you don't get your Disney On Ice London Tickets at least a week before the event and we will make sure you don't miss out on this memorable event.

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A:In order to check out the discount available on Disney On Ice London Tickets, check out the website.

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A:You can buy as many Disney On Ice London Tickets as you want, there are no restrictions in that regard.

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