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Buy Disney on Ice Florence tickets fast if you want to witness a one of a kind entertainment on ice! The show is based on the classic Disney tales that have been watched by every kid while growing up. Disney on Ice presents the famed Disney characters to the fans in a completely fresh style. Stars from the nineties' Jungle Book to today's Tangled appear on ice together to treat the audience to their latest adventures. Several Disney princesses and princes are included in the fun and they set the ice rink on fire with their incredible dancing and stunning acts. Disney on Ice is one of the most successful and popular productions by Feld Entertainment. It has produced almost thirty different shows by now and some of them have run for more than ten years. 'Treasure Trove' and 'Dare to Dream' are the recent productions which were seen on stage in the year 2011.

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Treasure Trove is said to be a Disneyland Adventure which features characters from Aladdin, Cinderella, Mulan, Tangled, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty and few other tales. Dare to Dream merges three similar stories- Cinderella, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog in one show and has become widely popular. Rockin' Ever After is the most recent addition to the list which has just started its journey on stage. Get the Disney on Ice Florence tickets and enjoy your favorite show live.

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Q:Will I be able to get disney on ice florence tickets discount on even better prices if I buy them a few days before the event?

A:Disney On Ice Florence Tickets will remain as they are mentioned regardless of when you buy the tickets.

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