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Excitement of children attending the event is worth watching with atmosphere filled with joy, laughter and music at a Disney on Ice show. With various Disney characters skating on ice on themes from different Disney movies and figure skating competitions among them, this event is well awaited by children across the nation. With the passage of time the show has become bigger, and new segments have been added to the show. Disney on Ice Birmingham tickets

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This show came into existence as a result of collaboration between the Walt Disney Company and Feld Entertainment. It was premiered for the first time in the year 1981 and since then it has been one of the most awaited and famous shows of the year. Due to the kind of popularity it has been enjoying the Disney On Ice show has taken their talent to tours in almost every country of the world. The Disney on Ice Birmingham tickets will once again take you into the creative and unimaginable world of these cartoon characters and make your evening a memorable one. It has been appreciated not only by children but adults equally look forward to witness the spectacle that will be performed in front of them.
Disney characters are loved by children across the globe, and watching them perform in front of your eyes is exciting, a fact that ensures high sales of Disney on Ice Birmingham tickets. There is not a single child who has not grown up watching Disney movies and cartoons. To be able to see the Disney characters perform right in front of you is nothing but surreal. Disney on Ice is a show that will provide you with an exclusive chance to have this experience. The figure skaters will unfold a collection of stories backed by amazing music. Needless to say that these shows have not only been loved by children but they also leave the adults spellbound. Having been entertaining the world for decades, Disney on Ice shows never stop to amaze as every show has something new to offer. Grab Disney on Ice Birmingham tickets and experience the magic of Disney.

Disney on Ice emerged in 1981 under the name Walt Disney’s World of Ice till it switched to its present name in 1998. With production in the hands of Feld Entertainment, the shows have enjoyed immense popularity transforming into a marvel. Currently the company runs for eight productions; Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey, 100 Years of Magic, Princess Wishes: Princesses and Heroes, Worlds of Fantasy, Let’s Celebrate, Dare to Dream, Treasure Trove, and Rockin’ Ever After being the 2012 production. These shows bring forth a wide range of Disney characters belonging to past and present hits such as Cinderella, Aladdin, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Cars, Brave etc. Buy Disney on Ice Birmingham tickets and witness the Disney characters shine through on stage.

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