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Disney on Ice offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all Disney lovers to see their favorite characters live in front of them. They come skating on ice rink amidst a setting that is truly magical. A joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and Feld Entertainment, Disney on Ice is a treat for young and old alike. After seeing your favorite characters on television for such a long time, imagine the thrill of seeing them live entertaining you to the fullest. Having premiered in 1981, Disney on Ice follows a theme that is usually based on the original concept of the cartoon. So fully expect to see your all-time favorite Disney characters dressed up in familiar costumes, dancing away on the original soundtracks.

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Disney on Ice is an extravagant spectacle with 3D effects and mesmerizing set design. Professional ice skaters dressed as the Disney stars glide onto the skating rink, displaying immense grace and skills. Disney princesses will be seen creating their magic, dancing away on the classic songs. Tinkerbell showcasing breathtaking aerobatics plays host to the show, taking audiences through an adventurous journey. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Mulan among others make an appearance spellbinding the spectators, especially the young girls. Boys in the crowd can’t help but be awed by the characters of Toy Story, The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and Aladdin, setting the arena ablaze. Disney on Ice is once again on a tour and will soon be coming to Atlanta. To step into a magical world, Get Your  Disney on Ice Atlanta Tickets now! It’s a complete family entertainment.

The spectacular show commemorating the greatness of Disney animated films is soon to make a stop in your home town. Be sure not to miss it and buy Disney on Ice Atlanta tickets before they sell out. After all, the show is a particular favorite of not just the kids but even the parents, as the Disney cartoons and movies bring back wonderful memories for many. So, if you want to relive your childhood, here is your chance! It is presented on the ice skating rink by professionals who set the gold standard in the art of skating. The show being presented at the venue is titled Rockin Ever After which opened in 2012 and brings alive four beautiful princesses and their entourage from Brave, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled to mention a few hit films.

The memorable music from the animated movies, the wonderful acting, world-class skating and amazing sets, all make the atmosphere akin to a fairy-tale. Starting out in 1981 as "Walt Disney's World on Ice", the show progressed on to its current name and status through imagination, artistic flair and hard work. Having travelled far and wide, across most continents, the show boasts fans even in regions that are considered non-skating traditionally like Asia and the Middle East. With Disney on Ice Atlanta tickets, you can now have a fabulous time with your young ones. The joy you feel when you see them singing and dancing to their favorite Disney melodies will prove to be priceless.

Disney On Ice is touring with its brand new show, “Follow Your Heart.” Featuring the acclaimed characters from Finding Dory and Inside Out, the ice skating spectacle will premiere in Orlando, Florida soon and the nationwide trek will bring the show to the Philips Arena afterwards. Disney On Ice Atlanta tickets are now available for the limited run.

Follow Your Heart With Disney on Ice’s Newest Spectacle  

Everyone’s favorite forgetful fish is swimming her way to the Philips Arena this fall, promising extreme fun and hilarity. Dory, along with her sidekicks Nemo, Marlin and Hank will take the audience on an adventurous journey under the sea. The show is full of hilarious moments, extraordinary aquatic display and transformative excursion.

Disney’s Inside Out is also set to make its debut on ice as Riley will bring her emotions –Sadness, Joy, Fear, Anger and Disgust to the stage. Creating an engaging atmosphere, she will seek audience’s help in getting back her confidence to win the hockey championship. The entire experience will take everyone on an emotional rollercoaster.

What exactly is it?

Follow Your Heart is an inspiring show that allows the characters to engage in stories about compassion, confidence and self-discovery. The supporting characters include Frozen’s cast – Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff; Disney Princesses and the Toy Story gang. Don’t miss the Atlanta show as you will be treated to incredible choreography, fun acts, beautiful costumes and a magical setting.



Disney On Ice Atlanta Tickets PRICES

As of 18/01/2018 the average Disney On Ice Atlanta tickets at Atlanta will cost you between $73 and $112, if you are looking for the cheapest seats then catch the event being held on 15/02/2018 for only $73. The average ticket will be at its highest of $112, on 17/02/2018.
Minimum get in price is for Disney On Ice Atlanta tickets at Atlanta is $33 for the event being held on 17/02/2018, there are certain dates that have a much higher get in price, for instance the cheapest seats on 16/02/2018, will set you back $39.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price (Minimum Price)
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta15-Feb-18$73$34
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta16-Feb-18$78$37
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta16-Feb-18$82$39
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta17-Feb-18$79$33
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta17-Feb-18$112$36
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta17-Feb-18$85$38
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta18-Feb-18$87$36
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta18-Feb-18$81$34
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta19-Feb-18$76$35
Disney On Ice: The Wonderful World of DisneyAtlanta19-Feb-18$78$36

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A:Charging of Disney On Ice Atlanta Tickets for children of or below tow years of age depends upon the rules and regulations of the venue. Contact the venue directly for details.

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