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Disney on Ice is a production that brings famous stories from Disney movies and plays it out theatrically on the skating rink. These shows are put together by the creators of the original stories, “The Walt Disney Company” themselves, although it is “Feld Entertainment” that arranges the actual spectacle for them. Another such show is about to play out quite soon, so get Disney on Ice Price OKC tickets.

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About Disney On Ice Dare to Dream Oklahoma City Tickets

Even though it is open to all audiences, the show has been designed to attract mainly children. For this reason, the production has decided to stick with what Disney does best—and that is preserving the fantasy element. The skaters and the performers that have been chosen for the show have been asked to hide their real life identities when they take centre ice and introduce themselves as the characters they are playing instead. The Disney on Ice Price OKC show will thus consist of Cinderella, Snow White and her dwarfs, Mulan, Peter Pan, Alladin and Jasmine, and Belle and the Beast. Some new characters from the more recent films have also been incorporated. They are Rapunzel from Tangled, and Tiana from “Princess and the Frog”.
These shows have been playing all around the world—practically everywhere where Disney movies are seen. The production has performed in Asia, in South America, most of Europe and in Australia. Families should get cheap Disney on Ice Price OKC tickets and create memories they will never forget.