Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic Spanish Language Performance Tickets

Touring ice show Disney on Ice’s longest running show 100 Years of Magic is now being produced in Spanish after running for over fourteen years. Like all other Disney on Ice productions, this upcoming 100 Years of Magic Spanish Language Performance also centers round various Disney Films including It’s a Small World, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Lilo & Stitch, Toy Story, Mulan, A Bug’s Life, Pocahontas, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Pinocchio and Snow White. The show, also known as All Star Parade, and The Disney on Ice Magical World, has had various overhauls, among which the recent most came in 2005 featuring additional characters from Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Lilo & Stitch. It includes more than sixty-five characters and has been choreographed originally by Sarah Kawahara. It is no surprise to see why 100 Years of Magic Spanish Language Performance tickets have been such a sought-after treat for almost fifteen years.

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About Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic Spanish Language Performance

Disney on Ice, aimed to primarily entertain children, is produced by Feld Entertainment in agreement with Walt Disney Company. The shows’ mainly center on its figure skaters who are dressed up as cartoon characters from Disney films in various performances all of which derive their plot and music from elements collected from the different Disney films as well as their properties. The shows’ stars are credited in the end as the characters from Disney themselves, playing their roles in mere mock cameos, so that the skaters remain anonymous.
These productions started out in 1981, under the title of Walt Disney World on Ice, which was only changed after seven years to its current name. The company runs more than eight productions along with touring companies all over the world at any time. These shows have been staged all around the globe including Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Americas. Newer productions are debuted and performed in two legs across North America for a couple of years, after which they head to Japan for an additional third year, followed by staging in England, Australia and others regions of the world in the fourth year. These shows then return to the US for one more year, after which they are taken to any other area for a sixth year of running. Many of these have also been produced in other languages, such as the upcoming 100 Years of Magic Spanish Language Performance.
Past shows by the company include World on Ice, Great Ice Odyssey, Magic Kingdom on Ice, Sports Goofy, Pinnochio, Peter Pan, Celebrating Mickey Mouse, Disney Adventures, Beauty and the Beast, Happily Ever After, Princess Classics, The Little Mermaid, Starring Mickey Mouse and Snow White, and Happily Ever After, among many more. Currently running shows include Treasure Trove, Dare to Dream, Rockin’ Ever After, Let’s Party, Worlds Of Fantasy, Princess Wishes: Heroes and Princesses, and Passport to Adventure. The latter is the longest running show of the lot, having been performed for more than eighteen years. Disney stories featured in it include Cinderella, The Lion King, the Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan and Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs. The show opened originally in St. Petersburg, Florida in October 1995, as a three-dimensional show titled World on Ice. It then joined Disney Classics, and was updated four times over the years. The production tells an adventure story featuring Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and Goofy, who take a sightseeing trip that allows them to watch parts of Africa, Never Land, Hawai, and Under the Sea.
Don’t miss this 100 Years of Magic Spanish Language Performance since it presents some of the oldest Disney characters with upbeat music, fascinating costumes, and some really breathtakingly beautiful sets. The show’s various aspects are entertaining for children as well as adults, who can revisit their childhood stories with these adorable age-old characters. Just get hold of some cheap 100 Years of Magic Spanish Language Performance tickets and be there to watch your favorite Disney characters as they skate about.

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