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Union Tanguera Nuit Blanche  is a spectacular show of tango dance and music. Union Tanguera is a dance company that certainly knows how to entertain the viewers. This Argentinean/French company has been producing amazing shows in the past and Nuit Blanche is its newest venture that is making waves in various countries. Time has come for you to enjoy some scintillating tango dance by booking Union Tanguera Nuit Blanche tickets.

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About Union Tanguera Nuit Blanche

Union Tanguera is working hard to promote quality dance shows. The company was founded in 2002 and it is currently based in Lyon, France. It is the brainchild of two friends namely Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega. Both these are trained dancers as well as choreographers. Codega specializes in jazz, contemporary dance as well as ballet. Moreno discovered tango in 1988 and since then, he has been continuously working on his dance skills. The main aim of Codega and Moreno was to incorporate blend traditional tango with other elements of contemporary dance forms. By doing this, Union Tanguera is creating new frontiers and horizons for re-imagining the tango music.
Nuit Blanche is surely one of the best productions of Union Tanguera. Nuit Blanche means sleepless night and the show consists of tango musicians and dancers. The show depicts some real heart touching human emotions. The story is set in one night in some unknown nightclub where all this happens. The show has received positive reviews from critics of different countries. An Italian critic wrote that that Nuit Blanche is spectacular and the whole show revolves around experimentation and tradition. One French critic wrote that Nuit Blanche intelligently reinterprets the vocabulary of pure tango.

Another French critic commented that this is carefully constructed entertainment it has every ingredient to make tango contemporary as well as universal. In short Union Tanguera has done a great job by weaving together emotions, sensuality and romance and depicting it beautifully through pure Argentinean music and dance. Union Tanguera Nuit Blanche is undoubtedly a great show and it has already become the talk of the town. Some talented dancers will be on stage to entertain the audience so make sure that you are part of this melodious experience full of dance and groove. You need not to worry about the tickets as cheap Union Tanguera Nuit Blanche tickets are available so book them now.

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