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The colorful, vibrant and energetic dance troupe from Poland is finally in New York, so don’t forget to watch Salask Song and Dance of Poland show. This amazing dance ensemble has won the hearts of viewers not only in its native country but also across many countries of Europe. If you want to feel the energy of this fine performance then you better get Salask Song and Dance of Poland tickets. It will definitely be an experience worth remembering. Salask Song and Dance of Poland as evident from the name is a dance troupe from Poland. It consists of male and female dancers that perform on traditional tunes adapted from Polish music. The performers are dressed in traditional Polish dresses, females wearing long colored frocks with necklaces usually made of red corals and scarf, ribbons or flowers on head. The males usually wear long boots, colorful trousers with full sleeve shirts and decorated hats. Different types of Polish dances are gonioy, kosyder, lasowiak, cenar, szot, trojak and kolomajka. The national costumes of Poland for women usually include frock, vest and blouse whereas the men wear waist coat studded with tassels, striped trousers and a belt attached with metal rings.

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Salask Song and Dance of Poland will soon be staged at the very famous Lehman Performing Arts Center in Bronx, New York. This venue is located on 250 Bedford Park Blvd in Bronx. This dance show is an exuberant display of not just fine dance but also immaculate choreography, eye-catching colorful costumes and tuneful music. This show has been termed as one of the most dazzling and spirited display of Polish cultural legacy and this is what makes it different from all other Polish dance ensembles. The performers of this troupe are expert in their work and one gets mesmerized by seeing them glide, stamp, swirl and jump. In short Salask Song and Dance of Poland is nothing but a treat for those viewers who love to watch vibrant and colorful dance shows like this. Salask Song and Dance of Poland is the true depiction of Polish culture, rhythm and dance legacy. This talented ensemble continues to win the hearts of fans everywhere. You have been thinking of taking a well deserved break out of your daily routine, you should come to the Lehman Performing Arts Center and watch this show. Don’t worry about the tickets as now you can easily get cheap Salask Song and Dance of Poland tickets so book them now.

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