A theatrical show, showcasing the traditional Irish step dancing, Riverdance presents the story of the Irish culture with rapid body movements.
This innovative way of narrating Irish tales has gained fame across the world and is known for having a great spectatorship statistics. Riverdance is influenced by traditional music of Ireland ‘Time dance’. Its history dates back to the mid nineties, where it was first performed in a seven minute interval at Eurovision Song Contest. The performance received standing ovation and was voted to be the most popular interval act in the history of contest. Since then, Riverdance is showcased as a full length show featuring professional Irish dancing champions including Michael Flatley and Jean Butler. The classic moves on the traditional Irish music have appealed to a wide variety of audience for more than a decade now and have made record statistics of selling 120,000 tickets for a single show. Its widespread recognition is not solely accredited to the chic dance moves but also its audio recordings are known to be ranked at number one position on the Irish Charts.

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After several successful performances, Riverdance is all set to be showcased once again in the city of Seattle.  The traditional Irish music, with the elegant dance movements will not only acquaint the audience with the culture of Ireland but also with the Irish immigration stories to America. So guys don’t miss a chance to be a part of this interesting event and get your Riverdance Seattle Tickets right now!

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Q:If i buy riverdance in seattle tickets seats of my own choice, do i have to pay extra?

A:Yes, you might have to pay a little extra on your Riverdance Tickets if you get seats of your own choice.

Q:How many Riverdance tickets Seattle can i buy from your website?

A:You can buy as many Riverdance Tickets from our website as you want.