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Botanica is a music band from New York which was formed by Paul Wallfisch in 1999. It approached music in quite a different way, merging the original gypsy music with punk, electric and rock. Making use of various instruments including Piano, keyboards, optigan and some other unique things, this group has managed to produce unusual sounds making the band’s image much different than the usual bands. Botanica is usually seen performing with different bands and has visited forty plus countries. Apart from the founder of the group, the lineup has changed many times over the years, but this has never affected the performance of the band because it usually recruits experienced band members. Botanica has always come up with music that the listeners find melodious and perfect to relax. Everything from the music to the title of the album is precisely chosen, in order to keep it unique.

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Botanica has released seven albums by now and the eighth one is on its way. It has included the musicians from different countries and has gained wide popularity in various parts of the world. The music by this band has been featured in films including ‘Men Cry Bullets’ and ‘The Takedown’. The band as a whole was also seen in a film titled as ‘Dummy’. Botanica has been given various awards for its tremendous work. Buy yourself the Botanica tickets if you haven’t been to any of its live shows.

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