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The Masters of American Dance was originally called the American National Association of Dancing Masters when it was formed way back in the nineteenth century. In the late eighteen hundreds, dance was becoming a phenomenon for contemporary art and the industrial revolution was by far more than willing to accept such a fresh genre of art. St Louis was the venue for the first dance convention held by the Masters of Dancing Association. Over a period of nearly a decade and a half preceding the first convention, numerous attempts were made to get all the organizations involved under the banner of the Association. Finally a treaty was signed by many of the schools and organizations which were a part of the first convention. In the summer of 1926, the dreams of the Association were finally realized and the Dancing Masters of America was formally named. Hatrford, CT became the home of the newly named Dancing Masters of America. This was a historic event, as many artists now had a medium to express their art of dance.

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The Second World War caused a slump in the operations of the Masters of American Dance operations. With the world gripped in chaos and Hitler’s nemesis, art seemed to have taken a back seat globally. For those who were undyingly devoted to the arts, the school lived on with whatever resources that they could. By the early fifties, Los Angeles became host to the first convention after the Great War. This was however, a regional affair for those hopefuls, who could not attend the National Conferences held or those who were engaged in war efforts. Now, all conventions are held nationwide. Over the years, the realm of art also encompassed entries from states out of Northern America. The dance profession was steadily growing and had surely gained much importance thanks to the relentless efforts of the higher ups at the Association. Avid dancers from all around the world have steadily been joining this prestigious institution and expanding their horizon in the art of dance for decades. The board of directors for the Dancing Masters of America was selected according to the regions which they represented. This did not mean selecting panel of fifty one members from each state, although the region was divided, but into five areas and hence the directors have totaled five since the early sixties.
Teachers needed to be found for this newly formed school. The valiant and relentless efforts of the founding father of the Masters of American Dance, Mr. Mose Christensen, the talented Signor Mascagno was assigned the tedious task of teaching formal ballet. For many years this was the only form of dance that had formal recognized teaching. Over the years the other arts such as, Waltz, Tango and Ball Room etc were also added to the curriculum. With the seventies in full swing of vibrancy, Kent, Ohio became the home of the Teachers Training School. The graduating teachers would receive a formal recognized certificate for their respective art which was right up there with the professional prowess and recognition of schools like Juilliard. By the end of the twentieth century, the school found its home in Buffalo, New York. By this time, the selection and graduation required more than just talent of dancing. The courses now are much more rigorous than they were back in the day. The credits as well are recognized like those of normal Ivy League institutions. To say the least, the Teachers Training School is a huge name in the circles of dance art.
With the growing fame of the Masters of American Dance it was felt appropriate in the mid sixties to hold an annual award ceremony as well. The first award went to the infamous Ernie Flatt, now a Broadway legend. Along with this award, a pageant for Miss Dance of America was held in order to give scholarships to the less privileged. The competitors had fierce yet healthy rivalries and this not only promoted the art but amassed a huge fan following. The pageant inspired Mr. Dance which proved equally fruitful.
Over the years, the Masters of American Dance has become renowned for the service that they provide in the various genres of dance. Not only is it recognized, its teaching staff is equally well trained and thoroughly professional. The shows and events are not just a concoction of dance enthusiasts, the vast history stands testament to the amazing depth in the art of dancing.
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