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‘Lord of the Dance’ is the conception and creation of Michael Flatley, a dancing star who many remember from ‘Riverdance’, where he stole the show with his brilliant performance. Lord of the Dance is a musical production that focuses exclusively on Irish dance and music. The theme and story of the musical is inspired from Irish folklore along with some references from the Bible. The music notes are by Ronan Hardiman. With its fascinating dance performances enhanced by some spectacular lighting effects and musical scores, Lord of the Dance tickets are your entry to this entertainment packed dance extravaganza.

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About Lord of the Dance

After being a part of the hit musical ‘Riverdance’ in 1995, Michael Flatley wanted to create a dancing show that could be presented in stadiums rather than conventional theatres. Soon he started to work upon this concept and within six months, the idea was able to come alive on stage. The story of the musical revolves around the lead character Lord of the Dance and his battle against the evil Dark Lord, Don Dorcha over the territory of Ireland. In order to accomplish his mission of defeating Don Dorcha and his warlords, Lord of the Dance takes help from a small spirit. Together they battle against the Dark Lord, eventually coming out victorious. This portrayal in fact is an analogy of the victory of goodness over evil in the long run. Further the struggle for the love of Lord of the Dance on the part of the Irish Goddess Saorise, against the wicked temptress Morrighan is a representation of the power of true love over lust.
The debut show of ‘Lord of the Dance’ was held in 1996. The following year the musical was showcased at the prestigious Oscar Awards. Gaining immense popularity and appreciation, Flatley formed various dancing troupes to set off tours to Europe and North America. At present, Lord of the Dance consists of two troupes touring around the world who perform the musical that has become a worldwide phenomena. The musical features a number of extraordinary visual displays that are bound to leave the spectators spellbound. The sophisticated dancing sequence of the intense confrontation of the Dark Lord and the Lord of the Dance is a treat to the eyes. As the musical draws towards its end, the stage reveals a group of delighted dancers depicting and celebrating the victory of the Lord of the Dance in Planet Ireland. Their coordination and synchronization is flawless. Together they lit up the stage like a splashing wave of energy. The choreography is a blend of the traditional with the modern giving an altogether new meaning to the concept of Irish dancing. There is no beat that the dancing troupe misses out and no rhythm that they are unable to flow into.
Cheap Lord of the Dance tickets are now available. The musical has been a source of entertainment ever since it was created by the dancing master almost seventeen years ago. Its performances have something to offer to every generation, from the young fascinated children who try to imitate the dance steps to the teenagers who practice those steps for a prom night or the older lot in the lives of whom such entertainment adds a great deal of joy and excitement. The story depicts the constant journey of positive emotions to counter the negative; a struggle that every individual is engaged in during his everyday life. Thus the theme carries a strong subtext that is relatable to every individual irrespective of cast, color, creed or age. Over the years, Lord of the Dance has been attended and praised by audiences belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds. The fact that the musical show has been watched by more than fifty million people across forty countries is testament of its mass appeal.
Lord of the Dance is a story communicated through the visual language of dance. It is a victorious celebration of the purity of love and the spirit of goodness over negativities of lust and evil. If you want to be part of this joyous celebration then get your Lord of the Dance tickets and tap along the troupe of the world’s best dancers.

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