Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble Granny Dances To A Holiday Drum Tickets

The dance maestro Cleo Parker along with her company brings forth the magical dance presentation "Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum". It is originally a Cleo Parker Ensemble presentation celebrating nineteen grand years of live dance. This dance show, as the name indicates, is a special arrangement to capture the spirit of holidays in a big way. The show is about the enchanting quality of dance encapsulated with the stimulating live music and the haunting spoken word. The show is presented every year in the Byron Theatre of Newman Center of Performing Arts in Denver. This year again, it will continue in its brimming glory and grace all along the holiday season.

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About Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble Granny Dances To A Holiday Drum

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble has been a podium for aesthetically artistic dancing for more than thirty years. The roots of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble are deeply weaved into the African American dance cult. They have redefined music and dance by making it approachable for a larger audience. The company has inspired the audiences with their compassion and has also motivated emerging artists to follow their heart. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance has been defined "not just as a dance company but a cultural arts institution". Their work has been transcending cultural, racial and social differences for the bigger cause; humanity. The ensemble has been inspiring the people of Denver for years and has travelled places. They have gained enormous popularity internationally by communicating their message to the global audience.  They have reached more than 20 countries including Egypt, Korea, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Israel, Nigeria, Peru, Greece, Cyprus and Singapore.

 The Cultural Ambassadors of the company include Christopher Huggins, Rosangela Silvestre, Carlos dos Santos Jr., Nejla Yatkin, Winifred Harris, Gary Abbott, David Rousseve, Kevin "Iega" Jeff, Ron K. Brown, Dianne McIntyre, Eleo Pomare, Milton Myers, Donald McKayle, Katherine Dunham, Talley Beatty and Donald Byrd. These are the chorographical legends that have made international dance a raving phenomenon with the power to express various emotions. They have a worked into making dance the universal language and have emerged as an educational institution promoting international, cross cultural dance arts. Their focus on education with entertainment has added meaning to their dance, elevating its status to a noble cause.

Along with the number of legendary artists associated with this institute, Cleo Parker Robinson the founder, has also played a significant part. The company has touched pinnacles of success with the guided vision of their pioneer. She has been dancing all her life; she opened her own dance company as soon as she graduated. She has been taught by some of the great artists, inheriting their skill and craft to pass-on. Her instructor; Rita Berger was from the George Balanchine group, has been one of her biggest inspirations in dance. It was her dedication which turned this place into a sanctuary of dance internationally. CPRD also has a theatre with capacity of three hundred people; facilitating artists with up notch utilities. The institute has also started an outreach program serving the community. They have been offering various education programs to local and international students. Their most popular educational program has been the "Healing Power of Art". Their other programs are AYE: the math literacy project and International Summer Dance. They have also engaged themselves in various community programs and recitals. Some of the most memorable performances by the company are "Dancing with the Denver Stars" and "Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum".

The twelve-member ensemble has come down to create a magical evening for its audiences as Granny dances to a Holiday Drum. This has now become the most obvious way of celebration. Its nineteen years of existence has not in any way subdued its existence rather has made it gigantic with each growing year. To enjoy this amazing presentation of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble all you need to do is get in the groove. The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum Tickets are on sale already, so don’t miss your chance to get them.



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