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Cirque Eloize is a contemporary circus troupe belonging to Quebec that was formed by Daniel Cyr, Jeannot Painchaud and Julie Hamelin in 1993. Eloize were the pioneers in the advent of modern era circus and are among the gurus in the field. The group incorporates ten circus disciplines with performances filled with popping and flipping, street dancing and acrobatics. There is music, magic, story, a stunning set with a group of highly talented performers ready to entertain the fans. The show lasts for two hours, during which the audience loose the track of time. In order to be a part of this stunning modern day circus, grab some cheap Cirque Eloize iD tickets right now.

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Cirque Eloize has transformed a lot over the years. A number of new spectacular acts have been introduced along with a lot of innovations to previous ones. The first show performed by the troupe was called “Circa.” The founder Painchaud himself was a part of the act, where he performed as a bike stuntman in heavy clown attire. Clown stuntman on bike is a combination of entertainment for kids and adults, while keeping the spirit of circus alive as well. The circus started off with free performances by seven people, including the founders. That little group of clowns was supposed to turn the small scale free show into a world renowned circus one day. The story of Cirque Eloize is inspiring as well as interesting for the fans.
Cirque Eloize’s initial performances were visibly low budgeted, with simple costumes and basic tricks. There was a luggage, a bike, a ladder and a random juggling apparatus with clown costumes. The stage was not fancy in any way; there were no expensive fabrics or frills used. It was just a simple set design with two rather worn out clowns performing in a corner. But one could tell that there was spirit in that little group to take the circus as far as they could. Their performances, though with cheap apparatus, were captivating and the crowd they managed to gather around them clearly enjoyed what they had to offer. Anyone who had a sight for future could have guessed that Eloize had a long road of success to travel.
Cirque Eloize today are known for presenting one of the most magical and touchy productions on stage. Currently the circus has presented nine “original” productions with above four thousand performances in more than 440 cities across the globe. Almost two decades after its formation, Eloize has made several tours across the globe, gaining critical acclaim from the audience and experts wherever they’ve gone. Today, the circus has some of the finest performers working for it, making the magical shows even more enchanting. Apart from presenting the regular circus productions, the company also creates concepts for events at international level. Till date there have been about 1000 such personalized presentations.
Cirque Eloize’s latest production is named “iD” which is directed and written by the founder, Painchaud himself. This Canadian styled circus combines a number of acts and is presented in collaboration with Chicago Broadway. Not like your ordinary stage and tent circus, iD brings fantasies on stage. The show consists of fourteen performers with about thirteen circus disciplines. The background music is a mixture of classic lyrics along with electronic and rock genres. The costumes are flashy and bright yet classy and attractive at the same time. The whole set is a surreal design; iD presents a beautiful story of love, adventure and friendship. In order to be captivated by its magic, buy Cirque Eloize iD tickets today!

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