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Bharati sums up the Indian culture on stage by featuring its traditions, fashion, music and dance. Created by Gashash Deshe, this spectacular show brings a perfect sample of the Indian celebrations for the multi-cultural community in Toronto. The creative team has done a great job to create a small India through a light story supported by the glorious costumes and remarkable set design. You get to hear mesmerizing music numbers from the Indian cinema, both old and new numbers. Several dozens of performers dance on synchronized music, wearing bright colors, will take your breath away. By the end of the show, you’ll feel like dancing with them. Bharati Toronto tickets are not only popular among the South Asians living in the city, but also among all the theatre fans.

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Roni Sinai, Jojo Khan and Shirili Deshe directed this dance & music spectacle in a graceful manner. The magical master Kamlesh Panday incorporated several details which are usually missed out in theatre shows. Described as ‘musically appealing’ and ‘visually stunning’, Bharati highlights the present and past of India in two-and-a-half hours. The show is named on the star of the show, Bharati. Its story revolves around a native Indian boy Siddharth who loves his homeland and travels to America for studies. He falls in love with a mysterious local woman there. To find out what happens next, you need to attend the show; cheap Bharati Toronto tickets are available on our website.

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