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With their breathtaking acrobatics & sensational costumes, circus performers have always had to produce something new to attract attention. With widespread television coverage nowadays, even the most complicated contortions & daredevil pyrotechnics can be overlooked for being "predictable". Leading circus producers have therefore turned their eyes towards not only improving acts but also adding an element of theme to their shows. This has helped in cultivating new circus acts which are centered on one recurring concept. One of the most memorable products of this entertainment revolution is Cirque du Soleil O tickets. Cirque du Soleil, through its exotic amalgamation of traditional circus acts & street entertainment, has created unbelievable fanfare.

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Cirque du Soleil O

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Cirque du Soleil - O O Theater - Bellagio Las Vegas Tuesday
10/24/2017 7:00 PM
Cirque du Soleil - O O Theater - Bellagio Las Vegas Tuesday
10/24/2017 9:30 PM
Cirque du Soleil - O O Theater - Bellagio Las Vegas Wednesday
10/25/2017 7:00 PM
Cirque du Soleil - O O Theater - Bellagio Las Vegas Wednesday
10/25/2017 9:30 PM
Cirque du Soleil - O O Theater - Bellagio Las Vegas Thursday
10/26/2017 7:00 PM

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Cirque du Soleil O Las Vegas Tickets

About Cirque du Soleil O

Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment company based in Montreal in Quebec, Canada. It was the brainchild of street performers Guy Laliberte & Daniel Gauthier, who got together in 1984 after enduring years of hardship touring with circuses, & through the aid of government funding established a spectacle that redefined the word "circus". The shows of Cirque du Soleil are concept-based with elaborately choreographed circus acts cutting through the thick plots & sub-plots of the underlying theme. & Cirque du Soleil O tickets guarantee viewers the box seat at an aquatic masterpiece.

O derives its name from "eau", in French, which means "water". Cirque du Soleil O is the first circus to be held on & in water. Inspired by the purity that water portrays, & the limitless nature of water itself, the show explores issues pertaining to man's insatiable desire to attempt further discoveries in different worlds & the recycling of everything into a fresh form. The characters include Philemon Guifa, a young Sicilian boy wanting to explore nature's mysteries & transported to a frighteningly surreal world with endless possibilities. The guide & guardian, Le Vieux, has a dark streak & his seamless transition from dark to white embodies the concept of the show. Le Travesti, dressed as a wicked woman, embodies the dark side with his shrill cries, while characters like The Comets (shooting into vision with every entry & exit), The Masked Thief (wearing different guises), The Zebras (seeking pleasure) & L' Allume (the pyromaniac) occasionally pop up during the course of the show. The guardian of each world, The Barrel Organ Grinder, presents as a helpful able-bodied giant, while the elegant Aurora is shown to be the epicenter of the quest. Her appearances in the prologue & epilogue, & glimpses throughout the show, egg Guifa on to finish his quest. Acts such as synchronized swimming, duo trapeze, balletic adagio & banquine (onboard the Raft), Russian swings, cadre in aerial space between sky & water, contortions, 60ft High Dive, Washington trapeze, aerial hoops & the dynamic solo trapeze in rotation at the end provide ample visual thrills to complement the storyline.

Franco Dragone handles the reins as director of O. Dragone is a seasoned Belgian theater director, who has been directly involved in the rise of Cirque du Soleil's stature. Dragone first merged theater & circus for Cirque du Soleil, directing all their hit shows from 1985-1998, & gaining a stellar reputation with productions like Nouvelle Experience & Saltimbanco. Gilles Ste-Croix is the creation director, while Debra Brown blends acrobatics and dance as choreographer. Multiple awards winner Luc LaFortune is the lighting designer & Benoit Jutras lends his haunting melancholic compositions to O. His use of bagpipes, erhu, African guitar & harp creates a tastefully oppressive soulful musical sound. The show is in permanent residence at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which hosted the first premier in October 1998. 400,000 man-hours of work were required to set up the 1800-seat theater, centering on the underwater speaker-containing 1.5 million gallon tank of water.

Critical reception has been fantastic. Attendees have enjoyed the clearly laid out themes & related to the music, which has accentuated the concepts. The lighting effects are as brilliant as any LaFortune show, & the scintillating performances by the 85 member crew have been lauded for the level of difficulty as well as the impeccable synchronization. Cirque du Soleil O tickets are available for the Bellagio shows all year long from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Exploration is an irrepressible instinct, & O takes the idea a step further by introducing the sometimes peaceful, sometimes violently unpredictable element of water. It is a masterful achievement that has to be seen to be admired. And that would be all the encouragement theater fans would need to rush for their Cirque du Soleil O tickets.

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