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Dragons are mystifying enough on their own as it is. However, when you enhance their mythical lure by with the real word might of the "king of the beasts," it's a whole new ball game. The Cirque du Soleil Dralion Sunrise show goes beyond the mere bestial synergies arising out of the merging of these two entities and posits them as the essence of an east meets west phenomenon.

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The Dralion shows delves in to three millennia of Chinese cultural legacy and weaves it with the base elements, namely those of Earth, Air, Fire and Water that are projected as the ochre Gaya, the bluish Azala, the reddish Yao and  the greenish Océane. The Dralion itself serves as the commonality amongst this quintessential quartet and makes regular appearances throughout the performance.
The cheap Cirque du Soleil Dralion Sunrise tickets will be testament to more than a decade of a perpetually performing phenomenon. Commencing in 1999, Dralion has morphed from a Grand Chapiteau styled touring spectacle to an arena based happening. Dralion is rendered to life via an 11-act lineup that entails around 50 performers engaging in astounding acrobatics and confounding physical feats, with a whole lot of bamboo pole balancing, aerial ballet, juggling and hoop jumping featuring heavily throughout the eclectic scenario.
An uplifting score by Violaine Corradi lends more panache to Dralion's aesthetic ambience by fusing together musical elements arising out of the subcontinent, Central Europe, Asia as well as Andalusia.  So ensnare some  Cirque du Soleil Dralion Sunrise tickets now to witness some piquant prancing and acrobatic excellence.  

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