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Like always, Cirque Du Soleil is here to give you guys a great time. Get your loved ones friends and family together and get ready for a yet another sizzling show of Cirque Du Soleil, Dralion. You will be amazed to see this show because unlike any other Cirque Du Soleil show, Dralion is going to dazzle you in a unique way. Dralion will give you an amazing experience of old tradition, blending the three thousand years of Chinese acrobatic with the new contemporary styles. Dralion will explain to you the Eastern philosophy and the amazing tale of quest between the human and nature. With its multidisciplinary, Cirque du Soleil has the capability communicate with its audience in a unique and attractive way. Juts like it name which is derived by the symbol of a lion and dragon, Dralion will express the east and west to you a different way.

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About Cirque du Soleil Dralion Lafayette Tickets

You will be amazed to see how Dralion represent the four elements of nature, i.e. air, water, fire and earth with entrancing colors and moves. With Dralion, you will have your chance to see the most exquisite style cultures blend where nature and man are taken as one to achieve the balance of life. So get your Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Lafayette tickets and enjoy your time watching one of the most sought after show of our country. Missing out on such an enchanting production would be a great lose of fun and entertainment for you.