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Cirque Du Soleil’s touring show Amaluna has been created and directed by Diane Paulus. “Ama” meaning mother, and “luna” meaning moon makes the title of the show. It premiered in 2012 at Montréal, Canada. The storyline is said to be vaguely inspired from The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The show is credited for having more than seventy percent female cast.

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Amaluna takes you to a mysterious island ruled by Goddesses. Following the cycles of the moon, the female-only population thrives on their unique culture. The queen Prospera prepares her young daughter Miranda for her coming-of-age ceremony. This honors rebirth, femininity and balance. It is a rite of passage of the islands traditions, customs and values from the old to the young.


The queen stirs up a storm which causes a group of young men to be stranded on her island. Among them is Romeo who falls head over heels in love with Miranda. But their love, faith and trust is challenged and tested by powers and circumstances they hadn’t perceived.


The show features up to thirteen different acts including peacock dance, teeterboard, Chinese pole, juggling and aerial straps among others. The set has been designed in an Amazonian theme with bamboo sticks canopying together. This sets the ambience of an enchanted island forest. The lighting beautifully adds to the dramatics of the play.


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