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Winnie the Pooh has come to be one of the most loved fictional characters ever. The cuddly yellow bear with a perpetual fondness for honey has been a favorite with all age groups for decades.  Equally adored are the other residents of the Hundred Acre Wood who accompany Pooh in his adventures. The fame of the characters has led to them being featured in several productions on both the big screen and the small screen. Winnie the Pooh’s adventures have been presented in theatrical and musical productions as well. Now there is a chance to see the characters make a stage appearance at Winnie The Pooh show.

About Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is the story of an easy going teddy bear and the fun activities he gets into with his group of friends. Together the friends have a lot of fun as they deal with setbacks and adventures in their daily life. Enjoying the simple things in life the characters share a bond and look out for each other. As they go along with their fun activities they impart valuable lessons of friendship, sharing and teamwork.
The famous teddy bear and his friends are the conception of the renowned author A. A. Milne. First ever appearance of the fictional character was in a poem in 1924. Since then Winnie the Pooh and his pals have been featured in several book series. The adventures of Pooh and his friends make for a good read and decades later they still hold appeal. Such has been the fame of the books that they have been translated in numerous languages. Cuddly and cute the characters are a favorite with children across the globe. Now there is a chance to see a stage performance featuring the characters. Get Winnie The Pooh tickets to see the fun and frolic of the residents from the wood.
Winnie the Pooh stage performance is a production by the renowned South Carolina Children's Theatre. A well known name in family entertainment, the company has been producing quality shows for three decades now. Their stimulating and imaginative productions are known to be highly entertaining. Their latest offering featuring Pooh and his friends has been adapted for stage by Kirstin Sergel. Winnie the Pooh has been directed by the master puppeteer Kim Granner. The creative team has done a superb job and the end result is commendable. See the expert work of the creative team at the next staging of Winnie The Pooh show.
Winnie the Pooh book series have also been adapted for animation by Walt Disney. The cartoon series received astounding success and proved to be one of the most successful Disney productions ever. More productions of the books followed which saw films made in various languages including Russian and Japanese. Now there is a chance to see the characters come to life at the Winnie The Pooh stage performance.
The adorable bear gets into mischief with his friends and his adventures make for a lot of fun. Joining him is a selection of other adorable characters namely Eeyore, Tiger, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit, Christopher Robin and Piglet. Not only do the friends have fun but they also convey valuable lessons for the audience. Come and join the gang in yet another adventure as they impart lessons through play. Be part of their fun filled pranks at the Winnie The Pooh stage performance. The stage performance is sure to be an exciting and fun filled experience.
The adventure of Pooh and his friends makes for great family entertainment. Cheap Winnie The Pooh tickets are available to see the fun activities of the much loved characters on stage.