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Wild Kratts – Live! production has taken the animated series on a national tour and will soon be bringing it to life in numerous cities. While the Kratt brothers are ready to fight against their enemies, the spectators will find out more about the animals who inspire their abilities. Created by Martin and Chris Kratt, the live version will set them off “To the Creature Rescue!” mission. The brother duo will be wearing their creature power suits and will confront the villain. With Wild Kratts Live tickets, the audience will get to enjoy hilarious antics and some incredible animal “wow facts”. In front of live audience, the Wild Kratts team will rescue a helpless animal and return her home.

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Wild Kratts - Live

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Wild Kratts - Live Sarofim Hall - Hobby Center Houston Saturday
1/20/2018 1:00 PM
Wild Kratts - Live HEB Performance Hall At Tobin Center for the Performing Arts San Antonio Sunday
1/21/2018 1:00 PM
Wild Kratts - Live Selena Auditorium Corpus Christi Monday
1/22/2018 6:30 PM
Wild Kratts - Live Saenger Theatre - New Orleans New Orleans Wednesday
1/24/2018 6:30 PM
Wild Kratts - Live Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium Shreveport Friday
1/26/2018 6:30 PM

Wild Kratts Live Cities

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About Wild Kratts Live


A theatrical stage show, Wild Kratts – Live! is based on the number one animated television series Wild Kratts. Premiering in 2010, the series earned an Emmy Award nomination and was aimed at educating the children about ecology, biology and zoology. In the live version, Martin and Chris have stepped out to engage the audience in a classic Wild Kratts story. The show starts off by sharing some interesting facts about animals and the information is presented on a large screen, multimedia format. The brothers then wear their Creature Power vest and gloves, and activate their Creature Powers. With the help of comical demonstrations, they present the amazing abilities that these animals possess.


The popular animated characters that are adored by the kids, make an appearance on stage and the entire plot is based on their fun antics. The show begins when the Wild Kratts receive a message from Jimmy, Koki and Aviva that Zach and his Zachbots are invading the Tortuga. They also end up stealing the Kratts’ favorite invention which they plan on getting back. Adventure and excitement is introduced in the story when they confront the comical and bumbling Zach and his villainous robots. Humor is added in the whole concept when the Kratt Brothers discover that their technology is not working according to plan. Children and adults alike are found laughing at the slapstick fun and funny pratfalls. Eventually the brothers are able to rescue their beloved invention from Zach’s clutches and the animals residing in the creature world are once again brought to safety.


Those who have attended the live show have claimed that it’s a full on fun experience. Wild Kratts Live tickets treat the audience to on-stage entertainment and they are educated on the astounding fundamentals of animals. Inspiring quest of the Kratt Brothers and their infectious excitement has made it a must watch show. Martin and Chris have been praised as great performers, as they are able to engage the audience through their energetic presence. After the show is over, there is a meet and greet segment in which the kids can interact with the performers as well as the animated characters. A fun-filled experience, don’t miss Wild Kratts Live! when it comes to your town.


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