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The children's group, The Wiggles from Australia has now become a global phenomenon. They are known as the first preschool band, this is the very first rock band that your children will hooked to, in their life. The current band members including Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field and Sam Moran along with former members Greg Page and Phillip Wilcher have come up with a unique kind of music. The focus on child development in a fun musical way is what makes this band so special.

About The Wiggles

The Band of Wiggles started out in the early nineties as a children rock band. Their eponymous first album was released in 1991 followed by a successful worldwide tour. This band is actually a spin off effect of a school project led by Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt as kindergarten teachers. Jeff and Fatt were already active in the Australian Pop music scene with their own band The Cockroaches but The Wiggles made them huge international stars. Cheap Wiggles tickets tour with their regular show characters and a dance troupe. Their characters include Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog, The Cook, Professor Singalottasonga, Dapper Dave, Officer Beaples and Fiona Fitbelly. Their Wiggly Dancers' dance troupe is a thirteen member group playing various characters in the act.

The Wiggles band has been extremely popular for their music. The combination of music and child development theories improvised together has been well taken internationally. The Wiggles are thus, all over of the place; on the television, videos and live shows. The concept of the group and their music has been franchised all across the world. In the US and Australia, there have been special Wiggles sections developed in the amusement parks. Wiggles have been the top entertainers of the country for consecutive four years and have earned many awards in the recording industry. This biggest preschooler's band has been prolific with over forty albums released in a decade. They have sold over 21 million records in the past ten years. Out of these albums they have thirteen multi platinum, twelve platinum and seventeen gold albums.

Their popular albums include The Wiggles, Here Comes a Song, Stories and Songs: The Adventures of Captain Feathersword, the Friendly Pirate, Yummy Yummy ,Big Red Car ,Wake up Jeff ,Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas ,Toot Toot ,Wiggle Time ,It's a Wiggly Wiggly World, Yule be Wiggling ,Hoop De Doo: It's a Wiggly Party ,Wiggly Safari ,Wiggle Bay ,Go to Sleep Jeff ,Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! Top of the Tots, Cold Spaghetti Western, Santa's Rockin'! , Live: Hot Potatoes ,Sailing Around the World ,Sing a Song of Wiggles ,Go Bananas ,Hot Potatoes: The Best Of The Wiggles, The Kingdom of Paramithi, Hot Poppin' Popcorn, Dorothy the Dinosaur Meets Santa Claus and Lets Eat.

Their music style evolves from classic nursery rhymes, folk music, and rock music. The songwriting plays a major part in their music. The songs incorporate interesting child concepts that can be enjoyed equally by the children and their parents. Their songs talk about hot potatoes, cold spaghetti, dinosaurs, Christmas, Santa and popin popcorns. Their music reflects a tone inspired from the sixties pop music and is very much like what they did in their rock band Cockroaches. It just talks about topics that are adding to the learning of the children. They incorporate early childhood development concepts and learning techniques in their stage shows. It is an initiative taken to empower children, letting them learn through experimentation and observation. They use simple lyrics and choreography, keeping in minds their short attention span. They have spread their music across the world by localizing interesting aspects from various foreign cultures. They bring fun to the children's world focusing on their curiosity and simplicity. Their uniqueness is their biggest assets; no wonder they are the biggest preschoolers' band ever. If you and your children are up for some Wiggly fun then this is the time when you purchase The Wiggles Tickets.


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