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A children’s group from Sydney, The Wiggles has been creating music, TV shows and videos since last twenty years. Two former band members of ‘The Cockroaches’ named as Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt formed the band which combines child development theories with music.

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The concept became extremely successful and they came up with more innovative work with time.
The Wiggles have now become the most successful pre-school program of Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ‘The world’s biggest pre-school band’ has achieved the heights of success and won many major awards not only in Australia but in other countries including America, UK and other parts of the world. It sold more than 17 million DVD’s and ‘Wiggles’ have become popular in the amusement parks, toys and other children’s stuff.

There has been an extremely positive response to the band that mainly targets the kids. The four main characters in The Wiggles include Dorothy the Dinosaur- a green dinosaur with yellow spots that lives in a pink house and eats roses. Captain Feathersword is the friendly pirate who wears a puffy shirt and is one of the favorite characters of boys. The next character Henry the Octopus, the eight legged creature likes to sing and lastly Wags the Dog, a tall, brown dog with a happy face and floppy ears loves to dance. The interesting getup, colorful props and a blend of music with dance and acting not only captivate the kids, but also give them the hidden messages.

The Wiggles has successfully expanded in all parts of the world and is popular among the children from all nations. Take your kids to a live performance by their first rock band and let them be fascinated by the amusing acts and music. The Wiggles Toronto Tickets are available, get your tickets soon!