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For almost two decades, children have danced, clapped & sung to the merry tunes of The Wiggles. Their philosophies on child thinking have been embraced by all kids, & it comes as no surprise that the Australian children’s musical group has sold a staggering 17 million DVDs worldwide.

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The Wiggles consist of Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt & Greg Page (later replaced by Sam Moran). Field & Fatt first played as part of pop band The Cockroaches, with Page as their roadie. When Page, Fatt & guitarist Cook became part of Macquarie University’s teacher training program, the trio traded ideas on child development to build albums. The Wiggles first started part-time using their Cockroaches contacts, & slowly expanded with regular album releases. They kept up worldwide touring, also making a 1998 movie & were featured on Playhouse Disney & ABC. Page retired with orthostatic intolerance in 2006. His replacement Moran stepped in seamlessly & continued the success. The Wiggles have released forty-seven albums over their two decade partnership. Band members often retreated during summertime, returning with up to three readymade albums during their heyday.
The band members are color-coded, & involve children by challenging them as part of their live shows. Lovable characters like Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, & Henry the Octopus have made learning with the Wiggles a fun experience. High-quality family entertainment is in the offing with The Wiggle Edmonton tickets.