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The Nickelodeon’s high rated show Storytime Live is now coming to your city. It has been among the most popular preschooler shows running successfully. The musical combines the four all time best shows of Nickelodeon together to create this one extravaganza. These four stories are Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Ni Hao Kai-lan, and Wonder Pets. It is one and a half hours of fun and excitement, equally entertaining for both kids and adults. They show is an interesting combination of puppets and live actors playing various characters. The well known songs from these stories along with some new surprises keep the mood of the show lightened up.

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About Storytime Live!


Moose and Zee, played by Peej Mele and Francheska Gomez, serve as the hosts of the show taking us into all these different lands one by one. The show opens with Chinese story of Ni Hao, Kai-lan. It has been an interactive show running successfully on Nick Jr for two seasons. The show is about Kai-Lan and the superhero Monkey King who are trying to get all the pandas to their party held in the Monkey King’s castle. It is a big celebration with Kai-Lan and his friends meeting Monkey King for the panda party.

The Kai Lan show actually focuses on teaching Mandarin Chinese to the kids while introducing them to the Chinese culture and traditions. The play usually comprises of interactive activities, Mandarin Chinese word vocabulary, Observations, Problems and solution to these problems. The best part of the show is the happy note of Kai- Lan, in the end telling the audiences; You make my heart feel super happy!

The happy moments with Kai Lan and his friends are hardly over when Moose and Zee are on their way to take us to the Backyardians. The Backyardians are the baby animals who hang out in the backyard and imagine themselves in adventurous situations. The maon characters of the show are Austin- the fun loving purple kangaroo, Tasha- the yellow skeptic but sweet hippo, Pablo – energetic blue and yellow penguin, Tyrone – Red haired Orange laid-back moose and Uniqua - the pink curious spotted Uniqua with antennas.  In the live show they are on the mission to participate in the Dirt festival. While Mayor Stink Pants has forced the town people Tasha, Tyrone and Uniqua to participate, Robinhood Pablo is going to help them clean the Village Filthingham.

The Party is not over because next in the Story Time Live is the tale of Wonder Pets taking us all into the Wonderland. The show has been a Nick original for more than four years. The show features Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, Ming-Ming the Duckling, Ollie the Bunny and Little Bee. Wonder Pets has been an Emmy awards winning show for its outstanding Music Direction and Composition. The show focuses on Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming who rescue the other pets by displaying team work. This rescue and the teamwork is more of a big celebration you don’t want to miss at all.

The final and the most popular act of the Story Time Live is Dora the Explorer. The show has completed five successful years on Nick TV and has been dubbed into various languages. Dora is a sweet girl who along with her monkey friend Boots rescue people. This time things are even serious as Boots has been put under a spell and only a true princess can rescue him. She goes into a fairy tale land and does she ever get to save her friend? To find out be there at the Storytime Live.

The cast of the show includes Francheska Gomez as Dora, Danielle Trzcinski as Linny & Tasha, Nick Nelson as Austin and Tuck, Kandace Dawn Nunn as Uniqua &Witch in Dora, Keith Antone Tyrone and Cheshire Cat, Zach Johnson playing HoHo the Monkey, Pablo & Ollie, Jeffrey Mark Pierce as Swing, Audra Rizzo as Ming Ming, Laura Dadap as Kai-lan and finally Clint J. Hromsco as Monkey King & Boots. Be a part of this Nickelodeon celebration with your Storytime Live Tickets.

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