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Sesame Street Live Erie tickets are available to see the theatrical adaptation of the hit children’s television series. Brining the much loved characters to life the show has been entertaining millions for over three decades. Not only this, Sesame Street Live holds the distinction of being the longest running stage tour for children. Be part of the singing and dancing show at the Sesame Street Live Erie stage performance. The shows are produced by the entertainment company VEE Corporation and the first stage performance of Sesame Street Live was held in early eighties in Minnesota. Proving to be a success the production has now expanded to three to four tours with each holding a different show. So far there have been over twenty different productions by the company. Differing in content and story line, all the shows are known to be superbly produced. The popularity of the production has exceeded geographical boundaries. International locations where the show has been staged include Japan, UK, Philippines, Australia, South Korea and Dubai.

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About Sesame Street Live Erie Tickets

Sesame Street Live is a unique and fun entertainment. The production features a selection of the much loved characters including Elmo, Grover, Big Bird, Count Von Count, Oscar, Cookie Monster, Bert and many more. Not only are the shows a colorful singing and dancing extravaganza but they also attempts to teach lessons to children in a fun way. Entertaining and educating at the same time the stage performances make for quality entertainment. Get cheap Sesame Street Live Erie tickets to see the all singing residents of the cheerful street.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Till when can i get discounted 2016 sesame street live erie pa tickets?

A:You can get discounted Sesame Street Live Erie Tickets till the date of the event. Follow the directions and order right away.

Q:My kids want to meet elmo erie pa. How can they?

A:Buy Sesame Street Live Erie Tickets from our website and then you can let your have kid watch this excellent show with Elmo.