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Be it children or grownups, everyone loves Sesame Street. We grew up singing and dancing with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and all other fascinating and colorful characters. Based on the popular and most favorite TV show, Sesame Street Live is touring cities with moppets of same characters and fabulous music and songs. Each performance has a different plot, new lesson, unique scenery and soundtrack. Kids' all-time favorite show is now coming to Corbin to make sure that you book Sesame Street Live Corbin KY tickets well in advance and take your kids for it.

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Produced by Minneapolis-based VEE Corporation, Sesame Street Live opened in 1980. The show features original music and songs as well as old favorites from the show. Elmo, Abby, Big Bird and all their Sesame Street Friends sing and dance and share their love of music. Children love to sing and dance along on their favorite and most popular songs like "C Is for Cookie" and "The Alphabet Song".
Sesame Street Live is coming to Cobin Kentucky with new, lovely and adorable performances. You will recognize all the characters and songs you loved when you were growing up and your kids will experience magic of music as their favorite most characters come on stage before their eyes. You can now get Sesame Street Live Corbin tickets for the most exciting production and make an unforgettable memory with your kids. Come to everyone’s favorite street, Sesame Street and enjoy this all-singing all-dancing musical montage.

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