Sesame Street Live Make A New Friend Wheeling Tickets

Live touring show, Sesame Street Live has kept its audiences curious and always waiting ever new productions and only this year opened Make a New Friend. The show which has won the world, having been staged all across America, Europe, parts of Asia and Middle East since it first opened in Bloomington’s Metropolitan Sports Center in 1980, is now bringing its colorful Muppets to sing and dance in Wheeling. This forthcoming Sesame Street Live Wheeling show will be featuring original songs and musical score, along with classic Sesame Street favorites, with professional dancers prancing about as costumed characters playing the Muppets’ parts. Done in a fascination theatrical style, these performances have made Sesame Street Live Wheeling tickets quite a popular treat among children and parents, alike.

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About Sesame Street Live Make A New Friend Wheeling Tickets

When the first Sesame Street Live show opened, it was played for four weeks around Christmas at Madison Square Garden and has been a hit since, making record as the longest-running children’s stage tour. To date, it has performed more than twenty-eight different productions over three decades, with the latest ones being  Make a New Friend, Play Zone, Elmo Makes Music and Can’t Stop Singing. It is one bus and truck show, as known as in the US that has really made it big with its various characters, plot, sceneries and soundtracks, all of which are entertaining as well as educational. Don’t miss out on these wonderful cheap Sesame Street Live Wheeling tickets while they are still available.