Sesame Street Live Lets Dance Tickets

Get ready to boogie with Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance!”. Sesame Street Live is back with its brand new show that is guaranteed to get everyone up from their seats, singing and dancing to old and fresh tunes. The lovable characters from the liveliest street in America have hit the road and will soon travel all over the US. You can now be a part of this interactive experience by getting your hands on Sesame Street Live Lets Dance tickets.

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About Sesame Street Live Lets Dance


Two live performers play hosts to Let’s Dance! and treat the audience to an interactive experience. Kids are offered a chance to meet their favorite muppets up-close and enjoy with them. Directed by Cyndi Graves, Let’s Dance! opens with Elmo as he performs the attention grabbing “Do the Robot” dance and takes the audience on an imaginative journey. Other Sesame Street characters join in the fun and the highlights include Cookie Monster teaching everyone to dance and Abby leading a rhyming game. Ernie brings everyone to their feet with the popular number “Shake Your Head One Time.” It’s Sesame Street Live like you’ve never experienced it before.


The hosts, Jordon and Riley bring a lot of excitement onto the stage with their energy. They lead everyone into the hip-hop version of all-time favorite nursery rhymes, “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Through lights and special affects a disco like ambiance is created when Elmo shows the audience his robotic dance moves. Sesame Street is all about teaching children new things and allowing them to think out of the box. It makes use of unconventional ways to educate children and enhance knowledge. The theme of Let’s Dance! is to overcome your fears and face the challenge head on.


The plot of Let’s Dance! focuses on Bert, who admits that he’s afraid to dance and then the entire Sesame Street’s community joins in to help him overcome his fear. Through dancing Bert was able to crawl out of his shell and tackle shyness. By the time show ends, he has transformed into a dancing machine. Sesame Street has been combining learning with laughter and fun for the past 46 years. It has become a global force that touches the lives of countless children in almost 120 countries. Besides educating children, the show has also raised awareness about social issues. Cookie Monster was involved in a program in which he encouraged healthy eating. He has also evolved with time and he has started to enjoy vegetables and fruits. Kermit the frog was in AIDS awareness program and taught people how to deal with the disease. The muppets have also creatively tackled environmental issues.


Sesame Street has been nominated 268 times for Emmy Awards out of which it won 159 awards. It also has to its name 8 Grammy Awards. Since the show’s premiere it has changed a lot of things with an aim to improve and also keep the interest alive. Initially when the show started, muppets and actors were kept separate and didn’t share screen space. But it was soon realized that the children were more interested in the colorful muppets and were not enjoying segments by the actors alone. They were then put into the same scenes to create more impact.


Sesame Street Live is another effort by the producers to make learning process more interactive, fun and meaningful for the children. This way they are encouraged to participate in the acts and ask questions. Wonderful stage design, costumes, intelligent script and catchy music make it a quality live production. So be a part of the latest tour by getting your Sesame Street Live Lets Dance tickets.


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